After the Refurbishment, We Can Finally See the Original Color Scheme on Big Ben

Restored Part of Big Ben

The dial of the clock tower of Westminster Palace Big Ben was finally opened after extensive restoration. For the first time in 90 years, the flag of St. George appeared on it.

The attraction has been closed since 2017, and the process was interrupted during the coronavirus pandemic. It is assumed that the final restoration will be completed next year.

White shields with the cross of St. George, one of the symbols of England, were on the tower until 1930. Then, the restorers decided to paint the shields with black and gold paint so that dust and dirt would not accumulate on them. Also, other decorative parts of Big Ben will be returned to their previous appearance. The specialists will restore the original colors of the dial parts- gold and blue.

Original Color Scheme on Big Ben

There are 24 shields in total on the tower, six on each side. The original appearance was taken by structures that are aimed at the Thames river. The reconstruction of the eastern dial cost the authorities £ 80 million.

The desire to return the tower to the Victorian color scheme has angered some Scottish activists who are campaigning for their country’s independence from Britain. According to them, the demonstrative placement of the English flag is disrespectful for the Scots. Some are convinced that in the future historical provinces will cease to exist and then the presence of such a symbol will be inappropriate.

The architects countered that the story with the flag should not hurt the feelings of the citizens of the union. According to them, such a step was taken in order to honor the past.

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