Another Stage of the Colosseum’s Restoration Is Completed | Now, the Hypogeum Is Open


Recently, the large section of ​​the Colosseum, which was the underground amphitheater before, has been renovated. And now, it is finally open to the public. Visitors can walk through the wooden bridge and see tunnels and chambers which were used by performers before joining the action.

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A team of more than 80 archaeologists and engineers were involved in working on the Hypogeum, lasting for two years. This project was the second stage of a restoration of the landmark, which began in 2013. Funding was contributed by Della Valle who provided 25 million euros.

The restoration of the Hypogeum was a very challenging process. As a result, a new wooden path for visitors was built. This 160-meter bridge gives access to some parts of the monument that were previously not available.

At the first stage of the work, the facades of the Colosseum were cleaned, some details were replaced, and a new gate was installed. The next phase, which is expected to start soon, will include the restoration of the galleries to create a new visitor center.

Another project that had been allowed for the Colosseum includes the installation of a stage, which is scheduled for 2023.

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