Japanese Anime Fans Strive To Save the Studio Ghibli Museum Which Was Affected by COVID

Ghibli Museum Which Was Affected by COVID

Studio Ghibli films are recognized all over the world and not only by anime fans. And the Ghibli Museum, located in Tokyo, has long offered all the enthusiasts the opportunity to explore deeper the world of anime.

The Ghibli Museum always was a high-visited tourist spot in Tokyo. But while the city is preparing for the Summer Olympics which will arrive in a few days, the COVID situation is not getting better. And this year is the first time when spectators are prevented from participating in the Games. The pandemic situation has affected many local businesses, and the museum suffered too. Now, the place which used to have bookings months in advance is raising funds for repairs. And it has already gained more than 200,000 dollars.

Inside the colorful museum, the children can see beautiful glass windows and spiral staircases that lead to the roof. Although all photographs are forbidden to take inside the building, there is an unusual photo zone with a robot on the roof.

Last year, the museum was closed for six months, and this year it was closed again from April. However, tourists from all around the world united with Japanese anime fans to save the museum and its rich history.

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