MahaNakhon Changes the Perception of High-Rise Buildings with Its Pixelated Surfaces


MahaNakhon will completely destroy the traditional understanding of common high-rise buildings. Its geometric shape and pixelated surfaces and terraces give the impression of a digital urban city. This is a great example of how architecture can involve the city and its surrounding space to reflect the aspiration. The building’s balconies and apartments perfectly combine a tropical landscape with an interior space.

mananakhon building

The complex, which has 150,000 square meters of space, includes MahaNakhon Square, an open public space; 10,000 square meter MahaNakhon Terraces, featuring gardens, restaurants, cafés, and markets; The Ritz-Carlton Residences, offering 200 single and duplex homes; Bangkok Edition, a boutique hotel with 150 rooms, created in collaboration with Marriott International.

MahaNakhon also has an adjoining in the form of Cube, which is a 7-story building with indoor and outdoor terraces. What’s more, MahaNakhon Square is situated right in front of the tower. This is a meeting place for cultural and social events where the residents can gather. At the top of the MahaNakhon Tower, the bar and restaurant are located, offering private dining areas for entertainment. In addition, there is an outdoor rooftop bar with an incredible panoramic view of the skyline and river.

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