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The world of modern architecture is a beautiful one. Allow me to take you on a journey around the world. We will be learning about what modern architecture is, some famous modernist architects and some modern architecture famous buildings and where they are located geographically. It is quite the ride we are about to go on. Fasten your seatbelts and let’s get ready to begin our adventure together.

Modern Architecture

Before taking flight on our journey today, I am going to take a moment to explain to you what modern architecture is and what makes someone considered a modern architect. When thinking about modern or modernist architecture, we can allow our minds to drift in the direction of innovative technologies within the architectural world. Some common characteristics of famous modern houses and buildings are

  • Use of Glass
  • Use of Steel
  • Use of Reinforced Concrete
  • Functional
  • Minimalistic
  • Non Ornamental

Due to these features, modern architecture tends to look very clean and sleek. Nothing extra is added. Only what is needed to benefit the functionality of a building is what is used. The use of glass, steel and reinforced concrete steers far away from a warm rustic appearance and heads more in the direction of a more cold and clean aesthetic. There are so many amazing famous modern architecture buildings that exist today. It is time for us to finally begin our journey across the globe.

Famous Modern Architecture Buildings

famous modern houses

As we travel the world and learn about these pieces of famous modern architecture, I will also introduce you to the famous modern architects whose brilliant minds were the fuel behind these projects. Each individual famous modern architect you will be learning about today is a true artist. Not just any ordinary mind would have the potential to create such works of modern architectural art. I am so excited to start our journey together in Pennsylvania, USA with the Fallingwater House. Let’s begin.

The Fallingwater House – Pennsylvania, USA

The Fallingwater House can be found in Pennsylvania, USA. Famous modern architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed this work of art in the southwest Laurel Highlands in the year 1935. This home is now considered to be a historical landmark. The complex simplicity of this home is what makes it such a famous modern architecture piece. Frank Lloyd truly allowed form to follow function in the creation of this home.

Glass House – Connecticut, USA

Moving on we will find ourselves in Connecticut, USA. Here, in New Canaan, Connecticut, you will find the landmark known as the Glass House. This modern piece of architecture was built between the year 1948 and 1949 by famous modern architect Philip Johnson. Another name for the Glass House is Johnson House, named after its creator. This house is exactly what it’s name describes it to be. This building is enclosed by all glass walls, allowing you to see everything going on within. The simplicity of this building is breathtaking.

Salk Institute For Biological Studies – California, USA

famous modern architecture buildings

Heading into California, USA, we will be able to find the Salk Institute For Biological Studies. This building is used for scientific research and can more specifically be found in San Diego. The famous modern architect behind this building was Louis I. Khan. Created in the year 1965, still employing over 800 scientific researchers today. This building is like a concrete jungle, filling the shoes of everything you would imagine modern architecture to provide.

Farnsworth House – Chicago, USA

famous modern architect

Chicago, USA is home to one of my favourite modern architecture creations, the Farnsworth House. Built between the years of 1945 and 1951, the famous modern architect who designed this house was Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. This space was created with the idea of providing space for creativity whilst immersed in nature. Composed of glass and steel, the Farnsworth House is a one bedroom retreat.

The BT Tower – London, England

Finally leaving the United States, we will head to London, England. In Fitzrovia, London we will be able to discover the BT Tower built by famous modern architects who worked for the Ministry of Public Building and Works. Two of the lead architects for this project were Eric Bedford and G.R. Yeats. The total height of this tower is 189 meters and is quite the site to see.

Villa Savoye – Poissy, France

Just upon exiting Paris, you will find the Villa Savoye resting in Poissy, France. This famous modern architecture piece was created by not one, but two famous modern architects. These Swiss architects were Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. The Villa Savoye was built between the years of 1928 and 1931. Reinforced concrete is what this building is majorly composed of, making it fall perfectly into the description of famous modern architecture.

Sydney Opera House – Sydney, Australia

famous modernist architects

Heading into beautiful warm and sunny Sydney, Australia, we will find ourselves standing before the Sydney Opera House. This building is known for both its expressionist and modernist design. The famous modern architect who had the idea to create this beautiful building was Jorn Utzon. The doors opened in the year 1973 and haven’t closed since. As this is also architecture which has expressionist qualities in it, it is the most different to the other buildings being talked about today.

The Berliner Fernsehturm – Berlin, Germany

Off we go to Berlin, Germany to check out the Berliner Fernsehturm. Constructed between 1965 and 1969, Hermann Henselmann was the brains and creativity behind this famous modern architecture masterpiece. Still standing today, this building remains a landmark, being the third tallest building within the European Union.

Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Our last stop on our journey today is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Here we will be able to discover the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban, also known as the National Parliament House. Two famous modern architects worked together on this structure, Louis Khan and Muzharul Islam. The construction for this building began in the year 1961 and was not completed until 1982. The 21 years of process paid off, as this building is extremely aesthetically pleasing.

Arriving Back Home

Our adventures have finally come to an end and it is time to return home. I hope you learned something about modern architecture famous buildings as well as famous modernist architects. These buildings all have their own stories to tell, and I think they do a good job doing just that. Thank you for joining me on this journey today, feel free to continue taking trips around the world to continue your learnings on modern architecture.

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