Notre Dame Restoration

Notre Dame Restoration

It feels just like yesterday that I was turning on the news to find out that the famous Notre Dame had caught on fire. Two years have passed and we are now focussed on the Notre Dame rebuild. Time is a skewed concept that is at times hard to process and understand. However, in this case, it shows that time does heal things. In two years we were able to take a devastating moment in time and turn it into a moment of healing. The Notre Dame Cathedral restoration is in full swing, and this is something to celebrate. I am here today to provide you with as many details I can surrounding the Notre Dame restoration project. If you are interested in learning more of what has been taking place over the past two years, continue on reading this blog. I look forward to sharing all I know with you.

History of the Notre Dame Fire

notre dame restoration progress

For the sake of being on the same page, allow me to provide you with a brief historical recap on what occurred two years ago in Paris, France. On April 15, 2019, the famous Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire resulting in severe damage. This was quite a devastating moment in history as this cathedral contained pieces of artwork and important historical relics that were ruined in the flames. Luckily not everything was destroyed. The altar, two pipe organs and three thirteenth century rose windows made it out okay. Although this fire killed a lot of historical pieces, I was happy to be informed that no one was killed due to this fire. Three first response workers were reported injured, but gratefully nothing more. This building was extremely important to many. The very thought of losing this building forever was heartbreaking, so much so that they chose to fight the fire from the inside of the building. This made fighting the fire much more dangerous than if they were to try to contain the flames from the exterior. However, in order to preserve as much as they could, the choice was made to take action from the inside of the building. Once again, luckily no one was killed, though it goes to show how important this building is. The fact that people were willing to take a more dangerous route solely to preserve as much as they could is very telling.

Plans to Restore Notre Dame

notre dame restoration project

Now that we are on the same page about the history of this tragic event in time, we can begin to talk about the Notre Dame reconstruction that is taking place. The restoration work on Notre Dame has been a longer process than anticipated due to Covid-19. Work that was supposed to be done the year following the fire was put on hold for safety reasons. However, I believe the future is looking bright for this Notre Dame de Paris restoration. With the vaccines rolling out, there is more hope for what’s to come. So when the Notre Dame renovation does kick into full gear, what will the building look like? Well, this is an interesting question. In the process of deciding what the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral would entail, there were a few people who butt heads in this decision. There was a moment in time that it had been decided that this historical building would have a more contemporary essence to it. This decision remained true for a while, giving everyone the chance to digest this information. This decision was quite interesting because the building was so beautiful and rich with history that putting a contemporary spin on it just wouldn’t feel right. As time passed, this decision changed. In July of 2020, plans changed. With a lot of thought and consideration, it has been decided that the new build will look exactly the same. So with this Notre Dame restoration update, you may be wondering when these renovations will be completed. There is no clear answer for this yet. It has been pledged that the doors to this cathedral will be open come the 2024 Olympic Games, however this does not mean that all of the renovations will be complete. This historical building that once burnt down will take a lot of time to build back up. No one wants to rush such a delicate and important project such as this one, so it will simply be complete when it is complete.

Where Is the Funding Coming From?

notre dame de paris restoration

Now that you are filled in on the Notre Dame restoration progress, it is time we talk about funding. Immediately following the tragic fire in April 2019, after just one week fundraisers raised over 1 billion Euro. This number is astronomical considering it was raised in such a short duration of time. So, there is a lot of funding coming from money that has been raised, but this is just one of the places. So where else will this funding be coming from? Well, back in 2019 there was actually some drama surrounding this topic. When a tragedy such as this occurs, it cannot be expected. However, when a tragedy such as this occurs you can only hope that a community will come together to help one another rise. And, this sense of community did display itself within the 1 billion Euro raised. Believe it or not, a majority of these donations came from individual donors. The large and wealthy companies failed to act promptly in their acts of support. This was a very disappointing realization for many. These large companies definitely have the funds to assist, yet they remain still when action is what was needed. It has been two years since this disappointing realization, so I’m sure things have changed. At least this is what I hope.

Assassin’s Creed and Notre Dame Rebuild

notre dame restoration update

If you have ever heard about a relationship between Assassin’s Creed and the Notre Dame restoration, you were not hearing things. There is definitely a relationship between these two things. Immediately following the fire, the creator of Assassin’s Creed donated a heaping 500 000 Euro. On top of this generous financial contribution, they also offered to assist with the rebuild by providing their technological skills. In the game Assassin’s Creed, a replica of the Notre Dame Cathedral had been recreated. The creator of this game offered to help in any way they could with the rebuild as they already had a digitized version created. Even though this gesture and offer was greatly appreciated, it did bring forth some concerns. Although extremely realistic on the game, the measurements were not created to a T. There is fear that if during the restoration they are working with a digital version of something that is not exact, it will hinder the process more than help. Though, the creator of Assassin’s Creed is still offering any help or services they can provide. This was just another way of showing how the community really comes together in moments of tragedy and despair.

Stronger in Numbers

restoration of notre dame cathedral

This whole experience, no matter how tragic, definitely provided us all with many lessons. One of the main lessons that was presented was the power of community. There is strength in numbers and this was made obvious through and through. From the moment of the fire, to the fighting of the fire, to the rebuilding of the cathedral. People have been forced to come together to make a brighter future for all. No one is going to let this historical building die out. There is too much history to give it up that easily. I am confident that when the Notre Dame renovations are finally complete, the building will be a beautiful place to house and welcome this new sense of community. Hopefully this can happen sooner than later, however, all great things take time.

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