The Architects That Built These Houses Were Inspired by Lego Nostalgia

city that looks like lego town

There’s a reason Legoland parks gather 15.7 million visitors per year. Not only children of all ages but also their parents love Lego whose structures are made using small and colorful rectangles.

A lot of skilled architects also often take inspiration from the blocks, and the architects at Archimatika did the same for their latest housing project. Comfort Town is located in Kyiv, Ukraine, and looks just like a city built of Lego.

buildings in Lego town

It took 11 years to complete the project which replaced the space of the used-to-be industrial zone. The goal of the architectural firm was to turn the area in the middle of the Ukrainian city into a beautiful residential complex but most importantly the place where people would actually want to live.

The buildings in Lego town are painted in bright shades and beautiful pastels that grab everyone’s attention. The spaces are divided by streets and courtyards so the inhabitants don’t feel too crowded.

Resemble Lego Town

In addition, the 14,763-square-foot complex features a fitness club, outdoor sports facility, as well as cafes, shops, and offices that take place on the lower floors of the buildings.

The architects created the buildings in simple geometric shapes, and outside there is a park with trees, sculptures, and a fountain.

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