The Notre-Dame and Its Glory

Notre-Dame Cathedral Architecture

When Was the Notre-Dame Built?

Initially, construction and foundation for the Notre-Dame Cathedral began in the early 12th century. In the year 1163, Pope Alexander III initiated the stone foundation for the cathedral in Paris. The outlining ideas and full production took a course of four centuries to truly establish. By 1250, most all of the elements and features of the Notre-Dame were completed. With this completion, 100 years following revealed the rest of the elemental touches and finest details to the cathedral. Taking about 182 years to fully build and construct, the Notre-Dame is essential to the French Gothic era and stylistic time period. So, how old is the Notre-Dame Cathedral? We’d say close to about 858 years old. Incredible!

Notre-Dame Cathedral Architecture

The architecture of the Notre-Dame is specific to its time period and technical ability. With its foundation in stone, the cathedral stands at a massive height with fantastic towers and a spire. The cathedral is consumed by two towers, a large spire, flying buttresses, a choir, a nave, and many other extraordinary embellishments. Making it one of the most notable and respected Gothic style architecture works to date.

How big is the Notre-Dame Cathedral? The inside of the cathedral stands at a height of 427 feet by a width of 157 feet. The roof alone is 115 feet tall. And when it comes to the two towers they’re 223 feet high. With the spire adding more radiance of elegant height, the Notre-Dame Cathedral de Paris prides in all of its glory as of the most respected and fulfilled architecture work of the Middle Ages.

What Is the Notre-Dame Cathedral?

Simply put, the Notre-Dame Cathedral hails as the most professional, structurally advanced, and astounding work of the Middle Ages time period. It standing ground in the 4th arrondissement in Paris, the country of France holds its respect for the work of art in various outlets. The Notre-Dame Cathedral brings many tourists from all parts of the world to Paris, thus bringing a grand majority of the country’s economic income. Nearly 12-13 million tourists visit the Notre-Dame annually. The Cathedral serves as the most visited historic location in Europe!

Notre-Dame De Paris Facts

Is the Notre-Dame Cathedral Catholic?

Notre-Dame France facts

Yes! The Notre-Dame Cathedral was designed in the Middle Ages as a Catholic cathedral with its base in Paris, France. It was declared sacred to the Virgin Mary and is perceived as the most famous and successful French Gothic architectural works of art.

What Is the Notre-Dame Cathedral Known For?

Quite honestly, the Notre-Dame is known for its renowned architectural work. Presented and established as the most beautiful and successful works of French Gothic style architecture, this Cathedral has been (and continues to be) applauded for its adornments and infrastructure throughout the years.

What Is in the Notre-Dame Cathedral?

Inside the cathedral, one will find a choir and apse, a short transept, and a nave. The spire was later added during restoration in the mid-19th century after Napoleon threatened destruction when he claimed the cathedral was under his authority and possession. The reparations were articulated by French architect Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc. Violett-le-Duc brought the distinguished spire to the mindful eye and understanding of the public and church-goers. Making it the mark of the Cathedral in Paris.

Though the Notre-Dame Cathedral suffered through some destructive matter in earlier years, 2019 brought the most devastating collapse to the foundation. As it continued to go under renovation, in April of 2019 a fire broke out inside of the Notre-Dame’s attic. Therefore causing severe damage to the church; annihilation of most of its roof, destroying some of its rib vaults, and the complete loss of Viollet-le-Duc’s renowned spire. The reason remains unknown as to what caused the fire, most say it was a construction-related cause. A sad day for all inside and out of Paris, workers are still dedicating time to restore and mend the damage that was done.

What is the Notre-Dame Cathedral known for

The Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris stands as the most influential and respected historical monument of its time and continuing. When this world and its chaos comes to a way of healthy and safe opportunities, we recommend taking yourself to Paris and witness the beauty that is Notre-Dame! Having trouble finding the Cathedral while in Paris? Not to worry, a fun fact that all roads in the city of Paris lead to the Notre-Dame! You’re all set. Stay healthy and book your trip to the historic masterpiece!

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