This Modular House Can Adapt to the Changeable Demands of Its Residents

homemichael jantzen's 'm-house' is a radical retreat with multiple configurations

“M”, which means modularity in a project created by architect and artist Michael Jantzen, was initially invented 24 years ago as a small vacation house. for two in southern California.

M-House, located in southern California and designed for two people, is a part of Jantzen’s research of reimagining architecture. The designer’s goal was to invent a system of components, made of different materials, that could be constructed and disassembled many times in different sizes and shapes. In addition, the structures had to be very environmentally friendly and flexible to the alternative energy such as wind and solar.

The latest project consists of a set of components, made of steel, cement, and wood fiber which the designers chose for their fire resistance. All of the components can be easily moved and transformed into other parts with different shapes and structures to adapt to the needs of residents.

The large model of the M-House was presented during the exhibition which arrived at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2008.

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