This Tent Inspired by Origami Was Built by Space Architects for the Future Moon Missions

Tent Inspired by Origami Was Built by Space Architects for the Future Moon Missions

SAGA from Danmark created a modular tent that can grow 750 times bigger than its original size. LUNARK designed by the architecture studio can be transported to the moon and can face arctic temperatures and meteor showers. In addition, it has a zero-waste ecosystem and aims to make space a cozier place for humans.

The form was inspired by origami and leaf patterns. It opens from a tight bud to a large shape made of carbon fiber to resist the extreme environment. Its exterior is strong while its interior is cozy. Due to the fiber, it’s lightweight which is perfect for transportation. And the special panels inside mimic the light cycles on Earth, striving to improve astronauts’ sleep, well being, as well as to prevent claustrophobia and mental stress.

LUNARK Was Created by Denmark-based SAGA for Moon Travelings

LUNARK can shelter two people at once and is powered by a solar battery. Inside there is space to store batteries and water, and it also has a built-in weather simulator.

The prototype of the invention was taken for a two months test to Greeland by the architects who want to collect all the necessary data. Spending months in conditions close to space, the duo got information about human well-being and psychology that will help them make LUNARK better for real missions.

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