7 of the Most Famous Art Pieces


Art is food for the soul, that challenges the mind, and brings people together. We recommend everyone visit a museum or two in their lifetime: and when you do, here are seven of the most famous art pieces you should keep your eye out for!

Mona Lisa

famous pieces of art

The most famous painting to date, the Mona Lisa, is currently home to the Musee du Louvre. Spectators crowd around this surprisingly small painting all year round in Paris, France to take in this legendary work by Leonardo da Vinci. Originally from the early 1500s, this painting is famous for the cheeky, mysterious smile of the depicted woman and for being one of the first portraits to focus on the upper half of a sitting portrait.

Starry Night

greatest works of art

One of Vincent van Gogh’s greatest works of art and a reason to visit the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. It is famous for its striking colors and thick yet articulate brushstrokes. This painting creates a dreamy twilight atmosphere that unravels more every second you take in its beauty. Although it is small in size, this painting’s impact and reach are huge. It is truly one of the best art pieces yet.

The Last Supper

most famous painting

Leonardo da Vinci appears on our list twice as the original “renaissance man.” This work depicts the last supper with immaculate detail. It pictures Jesus with his disciples during their final meal. It is one of the most famous art pieces from the renaissance time period and was created at a time when spiritual imagery was at the forefront of the art world. This painting is absolutely massive which makes it appear even grander to the eye of the viewer. You can witness this art firsthand in the Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Milan, Italy.

Girl with Balloon

most famous sculptures

Banksy, one of the world’s most celebrated street artists. He originally created “Girl with Balloon” on Waterloo Bridge in London, but since being removed, the street mural now lives on through prints and merchandise. Recently, a framed version of the work was suddenly shredded during an auction, by the way of a secret device Banksy had hidden in the frame beforehand. The value of the print shot up drastically following the spectacle. This is easily one of the most popular pieces of art from our lifetime. Banksy’s work serves as a voice for the people today. He is one of the only artists to maintain his anonymity and gain this much fame while still young and living. A true one-of-a-kind artist that is known for making bold statements and maintaining the idea that art should remain accessible.

The Scream

best paintings ever

This classic painting by Edward Munch is home currently to the National Museum in Norway. This work is unique because there are actually two copies out there. It is known for the androgynous figure which is said to be inspired by an experience Edward Munch had when his senses were overwhelmed. Therefore, the scream is actually not coming from the human pictured but from the all-consuming nature of the individual’s surroundings. It is morbidly beautiful and one of the most famous pieces of art in the world.


greatest pieces of art

Picasso has created some of the best paintings ever made. His famous artwork is scattered all over the world in numerous galleries and museums. “Guernica,” originally made in 1937 is one of his most beloved oil paintings. Picasso painted this in Paris at the time of a bombing in Spain. Art critics have been moved by its anti-war messaging and depiction of widespread suffering. Its black grey and white tones and enormous size convey certain darkness that helps articulate the powerful emotional pull of this piece. It can be viewed today in Museo Reina Sofia.

Bicycle Wheel

best art pieces

One of the most famous sculptures in the world doesn’t even look like your average sculpture. “Bicycle Wheel” was built by Marcel Duchamp in 1951. It consists only of a metal wheel mounted in the center of a wooden stool. He combined these two utilitarian objects to form what is now considered a masterpiece. This piece amplifies the idea that art can be anything. It can be random, simple, and pedestrian. This bold approach sparked a turning point in the community and challenged the masses to unlearn the idea that art has to look, be, or feel a certain way to be called art.

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