A Man Bought a Painting for 30 Dollars, Which Is Now Valued at 50 Million Dollars

Massachusetts Man Bought Authentic Dürer Worth $50 Million for $30
Massachusetts Man Bought Authentic Dürer Worth $50 Million for $30

Four years ago, a man from Massachusetts bought a 30 dollar drawing during an estate sale. He thought it was just a skillful antique stylization, but it turned out to be a work of Renaissance art. And it costs about 50 million dollars.

The work has already been recognized as the original painting by the German artist Albrecht Durer. This is a painting that depicts the Virgin and Child on a grassy bank. According to analysis, the drawing was made around 1503 as a sketch for a watercolor. The canvas was kept in the collection of the architect Jean-Paul Carlhian, who died in 2012. In 2015, his wife also died, so the painting was put up for sale.

The family believed that it was a reproduction of the 20th century, and the canvas was sold for almost nothing. The buyer was an unknown man who made a living by reselling inexpensive paintings. But in 2019 a shareholder of the Agnews gallery recognized the painting.

The man wanted to buy the canvas for 500 dollars, but now the owner has already received 100,000 dollars in advance. The rest of the amount depends on how much the Agnews gallery will be able to sell the canvas for the painting. In addition, the owner was also promised compensation for three to four years of research required to fully authenticate the painting.

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