A Mosaic With Homer’s Iliad Was Discovered in Great Britain in a Farm Field

Mosaic With Homer’s Iliad

Roman mosaic has been recently found in the English county of Rutland. What makes this discovery so exciting to the archaeological community is that it is the first mosaic found in Britain to depict scenes from Homer’s Iliad. The mosaic portrays the battle at the end of the Trojan War between the Greek hero Achilles and Hector.

The discovery was made on the territory of one of the farms in the region, where an ancient Roman villa was once located. In 2020, while walking through the wheat fields the son of a landowner stumbled upon some rather unusual pottery. To find out more about the find, he examined his land plot using satellite images and found a certain structure.

Then he contacted archaeologists and scientists who arrived at the site of the find. Their hard work led to the fact that they found the remains of a Roman mosaic.

As it turned out, this unique piece of art adorned the dining or entertainment areas in a large complex of villas that were owned by wealthy owners.

However, the state of the find was, unfortunately, far from ideal. It was damaged by later construction works and has numerous fire marks. Further study of the bones and other finds should provide more clues, as well as how later life in the villa developed.

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