A Plan To Support Aboriginal Artists Was Revealed by the Australian Authorities

australian aboriginal art

The government of Australia has recently revealed a new plan which is aimed at supporting Indigenous artists. The initiative is also intended at strengthening rules to guard against false artworks of artists in regional and remote Australia.

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government of Australia supporting Indigenous artists

However, some Indigenous artists who live in the heart of the country have said that an additional $5m to the existing $22m a year is welcome, the new actions do nothing to stop unfair dealers.

On Thursday, Paul Fletcher unveiled his National Indigenous Visual Arts Action Plan to bring together remote artists and help them join external art markets. In addition, the measures include digital labeling for protecting the original works.

Plan To Support Aboriginal Artists
Australian Government Support Aboriginal Art

These all will strengthen economic possibilities for artists, organizations, and businesses, as well as save cultural knowledge. The new plan will also support young and rising artists by providing spaces for learning.

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