Acrylic Painting Techniques: The Strokes and Curves You Need to Know

acrylic painting techniques

As in all forms of art, there are many different acrylic painting techniques. Acrylic painting is one of the most recently introduced genres of paintings in the art world. Igniting its presence within the last century, acrylic painting and its variety of techniques became a desired taste of craft within the art market and its artists. The form of acrylic painting has such variety and possibility. There are several cool acrylic painting techniques, but we will take a look at some of the most prominent and beautiful styles.

Dry Brush

More on the simpler style to use, the dry brush technique in acrylic painting creates texture within the painting. Making sure your brush is the driest it can be, using the dry brush technique can shape your strokes and vision to anything from sharp and distinct edges to the softest curves of a figure.


Playing with your paints’ consistency, the acrylic painting technique of washing allows you to determine the transparency of your painting. Dilute your paint with your desired amount of water to compose your imagination from your mind onto canvas.


Recognized as an acrylic abstract painting technique, splattering is used to conceive some of the most obscure creations on canvas. The most acclaimed artist of this technique, Jackson Pollock. His work of abstract identity strongly proved to be the leading artistic creations of the Abstract Expressionist Movement. Using the splattering technique of acrylic painting, Pollock used gloss enamel. Still, with such abstract acrylic painting, Pollock and acrylic painting go hand-in-hand with recognition and conception.


Detailing is a realistic acrylic painting technique used to bring the canvas to its most realistic portrayal of life. Using distinct vision and intention to portray a real-life person, landscape, or scenario, the detailing technique of acrylic painting is executed by using a small brush to finish the details of the artists’ work. Making the finishing touches of a human’s eyes shine in the light with a stroke of thin acrylic paint.


Notable for such an acrylic painting technique is Claude Monet. Using this technique to bring accents of color to the work, the dabbing technique of acrylic painting creates movement within the painting on canvas. To work with this technique, use a stiff brush to apply the paint choice to the canvas with swift, easy weight. This will reveal more depth and enhancement to your creation. And for more, continue on with the dabbing!

Reviewing and revealing some of the most-used acrylic painting techniques, we also want to give some tips to all you beginners as well! Some acrylic painting tips and techniques for you all.

Your Brushes

At the beginning of your new artistic hobby or journey, make sure you have and know your artistic instrument! Your paintbrush. As read above, acrylic painting techniques require and recommend a variety of different brush sizes and densities. To be prepared, make sure to have brushes from the thickest of bristles, to the thinnest of soft stroking ability.

Understanding Your Colors

Mixing colors might seem standard for painters and painting artists, but for sure when you begin this exploratory journey, be sure to know what colors you have and what color combinations you can and will produce. Ranging from Monochromatic to Analogous, to Triadic and Complementary, all these colorful possibilities are in your power! Best to use a palette knife when mixing and creating. The colors are yours!

Layer Up

Though we know the techniques of acrylic painting, layering to produce more three-dimensional work is favorable with acrylic paint. With such techniques and freedom when it comes to acrylic painting, layering your colors, stylistic choices, and visions will help to generate your work of art.

Take on the world of art with these tips and techniques for acrylic painting, and soar!

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