Who Is Alec Monopoly? Why Does Alec Monopoly Cover His Face? See the Answers Below

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Alec Endon is a contemporary street art artist better known by his pseudonym Alec Monopoli. Why does Alec monopoly cover his face? The public knows neither the year of birth, nor the exact address of residence (Alec let slip that he lives next to Taylor Swift in Beverly Hills), nor even the person’s face. Endon justifies his anonymity by the US government’s disapproval of monopoly graffiti. Mr. Monopoli was born in Westhampton Beach, New York. Alec monopoly parents: His father was a successful financier, and his mother was a professional artist – it was she who taught Alec monopoly painting (as a child) drawing techniques, the skills of comparing and evaluating perspectives, which the guy was able to implement in school, selling his first painting for $500.

Mister Monopoly. Who Is Alec Monopoly?

Alec monopoly prints

The artist took the pseudonym Alec Monopoly from the main character of most of his plots – Mr. Monopoly, known to many for the board game “Monopoly”. Mr. Monopoli began to appear in Alec’s work in 2008, during the period when the US government financed the largest banks and businessmen who owned the country. Perhaps due to this pseudonym, he was so remembered by his audience, and those around him fell in love with him.

Alex monopoly artist explains his choice by the fact that, firstly, he strives to work with a character that is concrete and understandable to the public, and not abstract paintings, and secondly, with his help, important social problems of modern society are raised.

In 2016, Mr monopoly artist who became the creative consultant for the Swiss avant-garde brand TAG Heuer, whose motto “Don’t break under pressure” is in keeping with the artist’s spirit. Alec’s position is officially called an “art provocateur.” In July 2018, the turn came for the first solo exhibition in Moscow!

Alec Monopoli personally came to Moscow for the opening of an exhibition at the Multimedia Art Museum. In his recognizable manner, monopoly art depicted the Russian balalaika, turning a traditional musical instrument into a unique art object. The opening was attended by the Russian stars Alec monopoly artwork: Timati, Andrey Malakhov, Feduk, Igor Vernik, Sergey Mezentsev, Ingrid Olerinskaya, and others. At the end of the evening, a charity auction was held in favor of the Friends Charitable Foundation.

Features of the Creativity of a Street Artist-Monopoly of Pop Art

Alec monopoly money acquired his first street art experience in New York, painting the walls of buildings and subway cars. Alec could receive a prison cell or, at the very least, a court fine as a “reward” for his labors. Actually, due to the active opposition of the city authorities to graffiti and “vandalism”, the young man had to hide Alec monopoly real face and personal information. In various interviews, the artist noted his love for his hometown, but later he nevertheless moved to Los Angeles (believing that numerous advertisements and billboards would facilitate his work), and then to California. The main reason for moving is the opportunity to paint all year round due to the warm climate of the sea coast.

Alec monopoly prints his Monopoly masterpieces in the morning or the middle of the night, mainly on the walls of industrial buildings in California. Alec explains the chosen time by the need to hide from the authorities and the special atmosphere and absolute silence at this time of day. Berlin considers one of the most favorable cities for work. The authorities there, and the residents, are loyal to street art, so you can create here without fear of persecution by law enforcement officers or the public. Creating a new masterpiece is enough to find a suitable wall and location. And there you can see what does Alec monopoly look like.

Learn All about Alec Monopoly Art

Alec monopoly painting

In A cylindrical hat, his face is constantly covered with a bandana to maintain anonymity, but what makes him famous? He owes his fame to the monopoly character of the same name, who is painted on the box from this famous game: a short elderly man in a cylindrical hat by profession a banker. He draws it on the streets in various variations. “When I started out, I was doing graffiti in New York. This huge city offered endless opportunities for inspiration.” In 2008, he left the Big Apple (also called New York) and moved to California, the year the financial markets crashed. Mortgage Crisis Alec monopoly prices, Wall Street, Bernard Madoff.

The financial world was going through its darkest times. And this was reflected in the work of Alec monopoly net worth and his career took off sharply. “It was my way to articulate what happened this year.” His work began to bear fruit when it spread online among street art lovers. And people called him Alec Monopoli.

Since then, he began to portray the little banker in any suitable situation … His rich, intense work, using this symbol — known all over the world — is full of humor. At the same time, Alec Monopoli turned his attention to contextualizing other icons that are popular in culture. Alec monopoly scrooge, also Alec monopoly Richie rich.

Today the art of a master is very expensive. Stars of the first magnitude such as Seth Rogan, Adrien Brody, and Robert De Niro buy his paintings. With his success, his relationship with drawing changed. “I was crazy when I was young. I painted trains, buildings” Has time pacified Mr. Monopoly? Not really. “I’m still addicted to graffiti. I still need to paint over something quickly with graffiti, if given the opportunity. Street painting remains my strongest passion.”

And TAG Heuer’s director Gene-Cloud Beaver took his word for it! Despite Alec monopoly real name. A few months ago, in Switzerland, he decided that Alec would become not only an Art Provocateur for the watch brand to bring new colors with his creativity, but also show himself from a completely different side, on the street, to designate the TAG Heuer boutique located in the heart of Miami’s Design District, as part of the creative atmosphere of the famous World Art Week. When I found out Alec monopoly painting price.

Tips for Beginners

Alec monopoly age said to those who are just taking their first steps in the direction of street art, I would advise first to observe the work of other artists as much as possible. Moreover, now there are many graffiti communities, in Moscow, for example, the international Secret Walls community has existed for a year.

They recently staged a large-scale battle in the Brewhouse, where the most famous Moscow graffiti artists presented their works. It is at such events that you can get acquainted with the outstanding representatives of this world, receive practical advice, and exchange experiences.

Many are interested in the man who wears a hat and bandana to cover his face — a Los Angeles graffiti artist about Richie rich Alec monopoly. He hides his identity for two reasons. According to him, he is forced to do this for legal reasons. The police pursued him in New York, and his lawyer said he must remain anonymous.
Now you have learned everything in detail about this artist, and about the most expensive painting by Alec Monopoly. He has a rather bright and unforgettable life that made him such a famous and good person!

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