Andy Warhol: A Leader of the Pop Art Movement


Some Information about Andy Warhol

The Andy Warhol biography takes its place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1928. Born to his Slovakian parents, Warhol grew up with heavy Slovakian heritage and cultural influence. At the age of eight, Warhol was diagnosed with Chorea – a rare disease that had him bedridden for a significant amount of time. During these months, Warhol’s mother, an artist herself, was the one to introduce young Andy to art and its creative possibilities by teaching him his first drawing/art lesson. As years continued on and Warhol gained more strength with his health, the young artist had fallen into the love of the camera. Through photography and its intimate process, Andy Warhol grew older with the art of printed film and its craft. As years unfolded with the tragedy of loss and understanding, by the year 1945 at age seventeen, Andy Warhol found himself enrolled in what is now, Carnegie Mellon University to study pictorial design. By the end of his studies at university, the new and upcoming artist, who was Andy Warhol, became a name of fame and impact within the world of the introduced Pop Art movement.

The Andy Warhol art period can be recognized and referred to solely as the Pop Art movement/period. This artistic style Warhol singularly conceived and debuted, focused on the painting of mass-production commercial products (i.e. Campbell’s soup). Some fifteen or so years post finishing school, Andy Warhol’s art styles merged into more painting works. With this expansion into the visual art of painting, Warhol’s concept to grasp mass-produced goods in the current of times resulted in an invitation of world-wide artistic focus to him as an artist and the art style of pop art.

Why Is Andy Warhol Famous?

Why is Andy Warhol famous

The introduction from Warhol to this new stylistic craft of art created the first sense of a shaped thought onto America and its consumption of daily life products and needs. This being an answer to the question of “What was Andy Warhol famous?”. His fame and the reason why Andy Warhol is important is not only because he crafted and founded an entirely new artistic movement to the generating world, but he brought attention to possible issues of the nation. All through artistic expression.

The artist that was Andy Warhol extended his artistic talent further when he began taking portraits of the critically acclaimed. Turning back to the camera and its film and combining the result with his pop art taste, Warhol organized his work with such vibrancy that it produced attention and praise throughout audiences. Soon becoming the staple reference of current-time, American-related art. Faces of Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, and more, were the faces of not only their own fame but of Andy Warhol’s as well. Soon, the faces of celebrities and socialists would be the reason for his known-name and fortune.

The Andy Warhol Art Movement, Did He Belong?

Andy Warhol art movement

This human artist not only belong in the movement that was pop art, but he was also the entire reason for its existence and popularity of growth and knowledge. As his life continued within his art, Warhol grasped more artistic opportunities to expose his mindful thinking. With his portrait-painting creations, the artist opened his own art studio in New York City in 1964: The Factory. This warehouse of idea gathering and crafting excellence became the city’s prominent cultural center. The idols of fame and influence would be seen alongside Andy Warhol in his home of artistic safety. Those who entered The Factory space were graced by the intelligence of the artist Andy Warhol.

As his fame grew larger, Warhol was found at the notorious party points of the times: Studio 54 and Max’s Kansas City. Fixated on celebrity habit and lifestyle, Warhol continued to expand his artistic horizons and in the year 1967 published his first book Andy Warhol’s Index.

As the 1970s and 80s came and consumed, Warhol’s intellect of artistry spread from the camera lens and paintbrush through to the writings of books captures of video art for filmmaking.

How Did Andy Warhol Die?

In the late 1980s Warhol was admitted to the hospital for what was a successful gallbladder surgery, in the soon-following days, complications during recovery arose and Warhol died from cardiac arrest at the age of 58 years old.

The death of Andy Warhol was the loss of a man who could be called a true pioneer in the art world. As he left us too young, Warhol’s legacy continued to live on in the minds of his followers, stirring the imaginations of people.

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