Andy Warhol Influence on Art Today – Top 10 Facts about Andy Warhol That Will Drive You Crazy

Andy Warhol Influence on Art Today

In the early 1960s, at one of the exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, its director, Thomas Howing, gave a speech in which he formulated the general mood prevailing in society at that time: “There was once such an old idea that intellectuals did not know what was happening in the world – the world of popular culture … Now everyone has become part of the same culture. ” Ironically, the first pop artists were Englishmen Eduardo Paolozzi and Richard Hamilton, but more provocative Americans – Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, and Andy Warhol fashion style – went to great fame.

He was an artist, sculptor, designer, director, producer, writer … Andy Warhol is one of the most controversial figures in the art of the second half of the twentieth century. His works have become a kind of symbol of the triumph and commercial success of American pop art. The work of Andy Warhol art styles has had a huge impact on the direction of development of contemporary art.

He has become a source of inspiration not only for artists but also for designers, photographers, musicians, and filmmakers. On Andy Warhol’s birthday, inspiration, as a special view of the world of one person, turned the perception of an entire generation.

Andy Warhol Art Meaning

Andy Warhol Art Meaning

The imagery of popular culture, denial of the seriousness of Andy Warhol’s style of art, and the use or reproduction of real banal objects are just a superficial definition of Pop Art, in other words, Popular Art. Each author described and presented this direction in his own way. For Warhol, pop art is “about the love of things.” And although Andy never called himself a photographer, in 1980 he made a very unexpected statement: “I do not believe in art, but I believe in photography.”

Andy Warhol’s influence is without a doubt the most significant figure in pop art and is largely responsible for its growth. After the 50s, he became interested in commerce, Hollywood, and consumer goods and, with a satirical hint of pettiness, transformed everyday objects and people from popular American culture into the most recognizable works of pop art. Harsh, straightforward, colorful interpretations of Andy Warhol’s painting style of commodities and Hollywood stars, forever changed the world of art. Examples include the Brillo box, Campbell’s soup can, and Marilyn’s diptych from 1962. His portrait of “Eight Elvis” in 2008 was resold for $100 million, making it one of the most expensive paintings in history.

Artistic Techniques

Andy Warhol Artistic Techniques

Andy Warhol’s pop culture popularized silk-screen printing as an artistic process. This method allows you to create the same image multiple times, allowing you to quickly and easily create multi-colored versions of an image. Some of his other revolutionary techniques include the use of Polaroid projectors and cameras.

The Main Thing Is the Concept

Andy Warhol’s typography has clearly changed the concept of artistic appreciation. Instead of a harmonious three-dimensional arrangement of objects, he opted for mechanical derivatives of commercial illustration, with an emphasis on the packaging.

Rejection of the System

Andy Rejection of the System

Andy Warhol was the King of Pop art, and his work called Marilyn Diptych symbolizes this movement. He used an image that already existed, he did not paint a picture or take photographs himself, and the photo itself came from a press release. Then Warhol style showed a rejection of the underlying art system. Not only was the image not his, but he also did not take any steps to make it perfect. Some colored Marilyn is fuzzy, and many of the black and white Marilyn is heavily distorted. In this sense, the art of Andy Warhol’s contemporaries shows that he walked a fine line between creativity and artistic genius.

Capitalism Signs Creativity

Starting his career as a hugely successful commercial artist selling product illustrations to advertisers and department stores, Andy Warhol’s significance has flexed the American consumption system for artistic purposes throughout his career – embracing capitalism at a time when many in the creative field were skeptical, if not with obvious hostility.

Business Art

Andy Warhol Business Art

Andy Warhol’s impact on society called it “a step that follows art”. He established that whatever he, as an artist, did or would do – as the head of Andy Warhol Enterprises, Inc., as a portrait painter, publisher, publicist, or salesman – he regarded as constituent parts of one boundless work. Part performing arts, part conceptual art, and part painting of the marketplace world in which he lived and which we still live in. One followed from the other, without delimiting spheres of influence and without giving preference to one direction. And it certainly worked: the final valuation of his property was $228 million.

Art As a Chronological Diary

Andy Warhol’s influence on art today can be seen as representing the most important events of the time. His “Chronicle” of artwork, inspired by the death of Marilyn Monroe, the last electrocuted, the events of Hiroshima and Red China, shows how Andy Warhol culture “documented” the events that mattered most to people through his own lens.

10 Facts about Andy Warhol

10 Facts about Andy Warhol
  • Andy Warhol is one of the most famous and expensive artists of our time. He made a brand out of his name, and mass production out of high art. Andy was the first to dare to discard the idea of ​​conceptuality, making a masterpiece a simple bottle of Coca-Cola, that’s what Andy Warhol use to paint.
  • Warhol is originally from the Carpathians. We all know Andy Warhol as an icon of New York, but the artist himself was not even American. He hails from the Carpathians, although he was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His parents, Julia and Andrei Varhola, lived in a mountain village in Czechoslovakia (now eastern Slovakia), and after emigration settled in the Carpathian quarter. What influenced Andy Warhol is still unknown.
  • Andy Warhol contemporary art had 25 cats. The artist loved Siamese cats. They were all called Sam, and only one, Hester.
  • Campbell Soup – Not His Idea. In 1961, Andy Warhol characteristics were New York’s most expensive commercial artist. But he never stopped there. Just at that time, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy’s main competitor, who makes objects of art from simple comics, finds his own style.
  • Andy chased Truman Capote. When Andy Warhol was influenced by their first move to New York in 1949, he wandered around the writer’s apartment on Park Avenue, where he hosted the most high-profile social events in New York.
  • He always lived with his mother. Warhol broke up with his mother only during his studies at the university and his first years in New York. So you found out who influenced Andy Warhol.
  • Warhol died twice. The artist was preoccupied with death. When he was 14, his father died, and Andy hid under the bed because he did not want to see the deceased and go to the funeral.
  • Warhol went to church every day. He grew up in a house next to a Catholic cathedral and visited with his family at least twice a week.
  • Silver “Factory” was made by photographer Billy Name, the right-hand and guy of Warhol. He pasted over the walls with foil and covered some of them with silver spray paint.
  • Warhol made porn. From 1963 to 1968, Warhol directed several hundred films. Most of them did not have a plot, and they lasted up to 10 minutes, but all his filmmaking was united by the idea of ​​researching the sexual revolution. Here’s how did Andy Warhol create his art.

So you have found out all the most necessary information about Andy Warhol, thanks to our article, which we have prepared with the team for you.

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