Art Styles over the Years


Art is always evolving and growing. It is a reflection of the times and as humankind progresses, artistry does too. There are many different art styles out there today and there will be more to come.

Definition of Art

Art is the many vessels in which humans express their creative skills. It can be through performance, visuals, literature, and many other mediums.

Definition of Style

A distinctive appearance or way of doing things. In this case, styles of art. It is about the why not the what. You can witness an artist’s creative process vividly through their style.

Art Styles List

Art Styles of all times

There are many types of art styles out there. These different approaches work together to diversify the art scene. Here are some interesting art style examples to look out for!


This is known to be one of the most interesting and famous art styles. Abstract art is the opposite of literal. The goal of the creator is to communicate ideas in a way that isn’t straightforward. Viewers are encouraged to interpret the work as they wish, as it will affect everyone differently. The beauty of abstract art is immense freedom. It can be or mean anything. The most beautiful things aren’t always what they seem. Abstract art is also called concrete art or nonobjective art. It is often communicated through the use of color, gesture, and shape.


This style uses letters to convey a message. They can be arranged as words or letters alone. A variety of fonts and colors are used in this genre. Designing with letters can say a lot about emotion, style, identity, and branding. Art using letters or words is often more direct in its intention and your eye immediately wanders to the text.


Mondrian Composition with Color Fields 1917

This form is all about angles, lines, color, and most importantly shape. This art style names itself perfectly. It is where mathematics and creativity can meet. Artists exploring through the vessel of this shapely style aimed to convey emotion through simple shapes like triangles, circles, squares, and more. Geometric art explores spatial relationships in a beautiful way. Sometimes less is more and this style proves that.


This is one of the most popular art styles to exist. The original goal of art was to replicate real life as closely as possible. This goal is no longer emphasized, yet figure drawing is all about reality. Figurative works often aimed to depict human figures and present objects. This form is in direct contrast with Abstract art and is viewed as a more literal depiction of the human experience.


We said less is more above and here we truly mean it. Minimalism is all about saying more with less. Works under this umbrella often explore a singular source or idea. Simplifying what is in front of the viewer helps them to better understand it. Here, what you see is what you see and nothing more.


This style takes inspiration from the natural world. It often depicts images of the Earth in all its glory. This includes landscapes, water, plants, animals, and more. The artists are able to create an atmosphere of serenity through these touching images we can all connect with. They often use more natural colors, soft strokes, and great detail in order to embody the Earth’s beauty.


guy denning angel

Imagine a big city, towering buildings, and flashing lights. Urban art is work derived from an urban environment. These artists are often living the city life themselves and it is reflected in the context of their work. You can see the underlying ambition and images of success in some urban artwork. However, other pieces often depict the negative sides of urbanization. This includes pollution, poverty, and displacement. Graffiti work also falls under this category.


This funky art style is known for incorporating elements of popular culture. It uses everyday objects, political figures, celebrities, and more to make fun and relatable pieces. These works are often extremely colorful and bold.


tristan and isolde dali

This style isn’t afraid to get a little weird. Surrealism is where irrational thoughts and freaky fantasies wander. This style became popular in the 1920s and allowed artists to warp usual ways of thinking. It is hard to define this form because of its expansive range of possibilities. The work created by surrealists often looks like something out of a dream or at times a nightmare.


Portraits are an artist’s depiction of at times themselves or another person. The goal is to grasp the subject’s likeness, emotion, beauty, physicality, and image as accurately or vividly possible. Portraits can be both literal or abstract as long as they capture the essence of the individual. This is a beautiful way to connect and empathize through art.

Still Life

The title explains itself. This art style is used to depict still objects. Remember all of those fruit bowl paintings? Yes, that’s what we are referring to. Other famous artists have created beautiful works of flowers, furniture, vehicles, and more. Sometimes inanimate objects can bring out emotional qualities through their color, texture, and detail.

Art Movements List

Art Movements list

There have also been many types of art movements over the years. This causes a trail of inspiration that never ends. These painting movements reference the styles we have listed above. We have listed what we believe are the most famous art movements of our time and when they took place.

First in our category of arts is…

  • Prehistoric (40,000- 400 BC)
  • Ancient (30,000 BC to 400 AD)
  • Medieval (500-1400 AD)
  • Renaissance (1400-1600)
  • Mannerism (1527-1580)
  • Baroque (1600-1750)
  • Neoclassicism 91750-1850)
  • Romanticism (1740-1850)
  • Realism (1848-1900)
  • Modern (1860-1970)
  • Impressionism (1865-1885)
  • Fauvism (1900-1935)
  • Expressionism (1905-1920)
  • Cubism (1907-1914)
  • Surrealism (1917-1950)
  • Pop Art (1950-1960)
  • Minimalism (the 1960s-70s)
  • Contemporary (1970-Present)
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