Banksy Is Willing To Donate $13 Million To Turn a Prison Into an Art

Reading Prison in Bristol

Banksy is raising 13 million dollars to buy Reading Prison. There, Oscar Wilde served his sentence. The English artist wants to turn the establishment that is located in Bristol into an art center and prevent possible development.

An anonymous underground artist plans to raise money from the sale of his mural, named Create Escape, which drew the first widespread attention to the prison. So, in the spring, graffiti appeared on the wall of the institution. The drawing shows a prisoner dressed in a striped uniform descending a rope made from sheets that flow smoothly into a typewriter. Obviously, it is dedicated to Oscar Wilde. The graffiti was exhibited at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery in December.

The art is an allusion to the biography of the writer, who was imprisoned from 1895 to 1897. Then he was sentenced for a love relationship with the poet Alfred Douglas. In that period, the writer wrote the poem, titled The Ballad of Reading Gaol.

According to the street artist, turning this place into a community art center is the perfect solution. Some public figures, as well as local authorities, supported the artist’s initiative.

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