Banksy: Who Stand behind Thought-Provoking Street Art

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This article will talk about one of the most famous graffiti artists, Banksy. He’s not just known for his spectacular street art, the thing that makes Banksy so special is beyond that. The unknown is what makes people love him, and follow his art! If you want to follow Banksy’s art, you should plan a trip to England, that’s where most of his art is. However, he’s been all over the world, in Israel, the USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

Who Is Banksy and What Is His Age? Where Does He From?


So many questions about Banksy. These questions are the start point to our depth of this profound artist. Introduced to the graffiti scene as part of the DryBeadz Crew, Banksy was a graffiti artist creating in, on, and throughout the streets of Bristol, England. Born in 1973 in the United Kingdom, Banksy embarked on his artistic journey in his early twenties throughout his homeland. Some thirty years later at the current age of 47 years old, Banksy’s name stays prominent around the world and countries where his art can be found within any and all neighborhoods.

The Banksy Person

The constant questions of “What is Banksy’s real name?” or “What does Banksy look like?” go hand-in-hand, for these questions seem they will stay unanswered for the rest of time…until the Banksy identity is revealed by himself. Though there are many theories and concepts that take hints from connecting dots of life, Banksy stays hidden with his true name and appearance. In a short interview in 2003 with ITV News, the camera caught 35 seconds of Banksy’s voice with only his eyes and forehead in audience’s view. He made sure to cover his physical appearance by wearing a baseball cap and t-shirt that only allowed his eyes to be revealed to the public.

As well as his unpredictable-appearing street art, Banksy stands famous for being anonymous. Breaking the Banksy identity down to hows, whys, and whats, time continues to solidify the anonymity of this artist and his work. Does anyone know who Banksy is? A question with an answer of perhaps. Does the public eye? Not at all. From the observer’s mind and eyes, the mystery of this Banksy artist is a part of the thrill of his artistry altogether.

How Did Banksy Get His Name?

Though there is yet to confirm the true fact of his name, it has been said that Banksy is the man of Robin Gunningham. From his childhood to the current times, Gunningham has been reported to have spoken about his past with nicknames and such. As a young boy, Gunningham revealed Banx as a common slang name of his. Now, years later, this Banx has been disguised into Banksy….it is a true fact, isn’t it? We cannot confirm this, but we stick to such a story! It brings peace to the human brain to think we know the real story about who Banksy really is.

What Is Banksy Street Art?

Who is Banksy street art

The ultimate question of the famous artist. Banksy indeed is known to be the most famous street graffiti artist to date, but his work is not just about crafting cement walls and roads to works of art and experience. The street art of Banksy touches on topics of political stance, activism, and forward-thinking of society. His street art has expanded into film with the Academy Award-nominated Exit Through the Gift Shop, and with this has had the ability to spread to more intrigued perspectives and viewing eyes.

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At moments his out-appearing works may seem dim or quiet, people can ask the question “Is Banksy still alive?”, with that, the answer is yes. Always yes. Banksy is an artist who continued to provoke the norm within the world and its society. Even in silence, his artistic voice is brewing to be heard and observed. It is just a matter of time…and location. To be remembered, Banksy is real. The artist is a human with a voice through anonymous art that provoked questions and thought throughout many cities and countries in this world.

On Banksy’s Success

One can say, very much so, that the success of Banksy and his art has exceeded any kind of expectation or thought. The artist’s unpredictability is a factor that brings his professionalism and respect to a higher level as years continue to unfold with revealing artistic creations. Banksy’s success has traveled from city to city and country to country. Taking ground from London to Paris, and Barcelona to San Francisco, his work has pinned points throughout thousands of streets, encompassing the ways of societal play and life.

Who is Banksy

When it comes to his wealth with the question of “Is Banksy rich?”, an answer could easily be…. what is rich? Are you considering the money? The income? Or do you take from the experience? From the influence and inspiring messages this artist has and continues to prove and expose throughout this world.

Financially, yes, he has made millions through his work and its demand. With help from art sellers and investors, Banksy has gained financial success from selling his creations. Also through his film, the artist has made way for the public to envision his art in their lives. Along with the business type of selling and auctions, Banksy has made marks on the public in more immersive ways as well.

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Creating Dismaland, a strewn and twisted take on the ever-loved Disneyland, Banksy crafted a theme-park in England of distorted and deformed art pieces of some of the most notable characters of animation and art. As well as this monstrous formulation, the artist has also constructed a monumental hotel (The Walled Off Hotel) in Bethlehem; a hotel that directly faces and opens to the wall built by Israel separating the Palestine and Israel countries.

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When it comes to his most in-demand works, it’s been noted that his most famous piece “Girl With Balloon” sold for one million British pounds at a Sotheby’s London in 2018. Banksy is said to have a net worth close to 61 million British pounds (approximately 50million US dollars).

As ironic as his popularity is, Banksy wished for his artistic works to be at the cost of sale of nothing…. but as so easily soon, his artistic presence in this world is far beyond only financial worth.

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