Computer Analysis Said Rubens Masterpiece at the National Gallery Is False

Computer Analysis Said Rubens Masterpiece at the National Gallery Is False

According to the recent computer analysis, a National Gallery masterpiece which is estimated at thousands and thousands of dollars turned out to be faux. The research analyzed Samson and Delilah, utilizing synthetic intelligence. Peter Paul Rubens’s portray has long been the topic of debate among critics who suggested it was not created by the Flemish grasp.

AI program was used to scan the canvas and brushstroke patterns distinctive to particular person artists. And the results were quite surprising with a 91% probability for the artwork not being real.

The scientist who carried out the investigation were so shocked that even decided to repeat the experiments. But as a result of computer evaluation, every single square of the portray acquired for £2.5 million in 1980 was fake.

The expertise was also applied to scan another really genuine Rubens’s portray. A View of Het Steen in the Early Morning, was recognized painted by the artist with a 98.76% chance.

So, earlier hypotheses about the origins of Samson and Delilah were confirmed. Now, it is believed that the work depicting Samson sleeping in the arms of Delilah is a replica of a lost original portray by Rubens, created around 1610. It is suggested that the palette used in the work doesn’t match the one favored by Rubens.

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