Cool Art Exhibitions in New York City

Cool Art Exhibitions in New York City

If you have ever considered yourself to be a lover of the arts, then you are more likely than not going through an art withdrawal. Due to the restrictions that have been placed on the arts in hopes to eradicate this pandemic, a lot of art shows have been canceled or put on hold. However, this is not the case for every place in the world. New York City is still trying their best to present art in safe ways. If not now, they are making plans for the near future. My goal today is to share with you some of the best art exhibits in New York right now that may give you some ideas on what to see in New York art galleries this week. Whatever you do, ensure you bring your mask with you. Just because New York is allowing you to have one of your museum exhibits experience in NYC, doesn’t mean Covid-19 isn’t still coursing through the veins of the city.

Why It’s Important to Support the Arts

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Before diving head first into a sea of art show NYC events, I want to take a moment to express why supporting the arts is so important, especially right now. The arts, particularly in North America, have always been incredibly under supported by the government. You will often hear artists say things like, “the art world is so small”. And this is unfortunately true. Due to lack of funding, the arts often don’t make it past the walls of the art communities. By supporting the arts, especially during a time when the arts are disintegrating before our eyes, you are proving that art is important. By showing up to one of these gallery shows NYC is offering, you are not only helping fund an artist, but you are showing the necessity art holds in yours, as well as many other’s lives. So, if you are going to leave your house during the pandemic, let it be because you are on your way to safely support some cool art exhibits NYC is allowing to remain open.

Best Museum Exhibits in NYC

Some great news is that many New York art museums exhibits are remaining open during the pandemic. Before arriving at any of these soon to be mentioned locations to see some of the best art shows NYC has to offer, call and check in with the venue to ensure it is open. Though, from my understanding, as long as you wear your mask and social distance yourselves from other museum goers, these activities are a fair game. The museums and exhibits I will be introducing to you today are only a few of the many which are currently running. Allow these exhibits to be a springboard for you to jump off of in search of more exhibits that may be less popular. However, below is a list of some great options for you to immerse yourself in.

American Museum of Natural History

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The Nature Of Color is currently on display at the American Museum of Natural History. This museum is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is quite popular amongst city livers and tourists alike. The exhibit The Nature of Color holds a permanent home at this museum so if you can’t make it soon fear not. This exhibit isn’t going anywhere soon. Before arriving to this art exhibit in NYC, be sure to purchase your ticket in advance online in order to reserve a time slot.


ARTECHOUSE can be found in Chelsea Market. One of the interesting exhibits NYC is currently offering can be found here. The exhibit Celestial just finished its debut at ARTECHOUSE on February 21. Celestial was a space that sought to create a tranquil atmosphere. To end the year 2020 and transition into the new one, 2021, this exhibit hoped to provide its audience with a safe space to find peace with transition and growth. Though this exhibit has come to an end, a new one is presenting itself. Geometric Properties will be running until September 6, 2021. This art exhibit is a light show that will bring its audience into a new dimension, allowing them to escape from reality for a little while. Head online to purchase your ticket in advance.

The Guggenheim

Some more current art exhibits in NYC can be found at the Guggenheim Museum in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Currently, on display at the Guggenheim is Away From The Easel: Jackson Pollock’s Mural. Jackson Pollock’s Mural has not been on display for nearly 20 years and is finally showing its face to the world once again. This will be on display until March 18, 2020. Purchase your tickets online now before they sell out.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Also found on the Upper East Side of Manhattan we have the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Currently, at the Met, Goya’s Graphic Imagination is on display. Goya’s Graphic Imagination features upward of 100 works which were created by Francisco de Goya. This could be one of the best gallery shows NYC is offering right now, but you won’t know unless you check it out for yourself. This particular exhibit will be running until May 2, 2021. You still have time to see it, but first head online to reserve your ticket before arriving.

The Museum of Modern Art

At the Museum of Modern art in Midtown, also known as the MOMA, you will be able to find some of the best modern art exhibits NYC have to offer. If you head to the MOM today, you will be able to see Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver’s Cinematic Illusion. This is a moving-image installation that is a must-see. Currently, due to the pandemic, the MOMA is providing times sessions for the public. Although this is not ideal as no one likes to feel rushed while they are immersing themselves in art, it is what has to be done. The fact that you are having this opportunity in the first place is a blessing.

New York Botanical Garden

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At New York Botanical Garden, you will be able to find Yayoi Kusama’s Cosmic Nature. For almost all of 2021, this exhibit will be on display for people to enjoy. Within this exhibit, you will find yourself immersed in a world of nature painting as well as floral and vegetable sculptures. This is seriously something you do not want to miss.

Upcoming NYC Art Shows

Art exhibits in Manhattan are constantly coming and going as the days pass by. If you are constantly searching for upcoming art exhibits NYC provides, then perhaps attending one or two is the perfect outing for you to partake in during these trying times. In order to stay in the loop with where you can find the best gallery shows NYC offers you must fully immerse yourself in this world of art.

Art As An Escape

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Life during the year 2020 was hard and continues to be difficult moving into 2021. We had all hoped that by this point the pandemic would have ended, and we would have been back to our ‘normal lives’. This simply isn’t the case. The pandemic is sticking around therefore we are forced to find ways to live our lives within the restrictions in place. Attending art exhibits is a great way to escape from reality. Although escaping from reality permanently isn’t a choice, temporarily it can be done. When you enter into an art space, allow yourself to sink into this new world you are being immersed in. Whether it be historical or modern art, allow yourself to be fully present with what you are looking at. Art is a great coping mechanism during these hard and trying times.

Covid-19 And Art Gallery Exhibits NYC

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I know for some, leaving their houses during the pandemic is an extremely worrisome and maybe even a scary thing to do. However, leaving your home is a great way to recharge and reset your day. I understand that during the pandemic, you want to stay as safe as possible. The great thing about all of these galleries is that they are taking all of the measures needed in order to ensure the health of all of their guests. Wearing your mask is essential as well as reserving a spot in advance in order to avoid the museum being at its maximum Covid capacity. If with all of these regulations in place you still don’t feel comfortable attending, try seeking out some of these exhibitions online. I promise you are bound to find something that will fulfill your art consumption void.

I hope that after today, you are feeling inspired to welcome art back into your life. Although the world may feel as if it has been put on pause, artists are still creating. Artists will always be creating. Finding creative answers to impossible questions is what artists do best. They will not let a lack of support from the government slow down their momentum.

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