Cossette Presented a Public Art Project Which Is Located in Toronto’s Expressway

Cossette Transformed Gardiner Expressway in Toronto Into an Art

In order to celebrate the Year of Public Art in Toronto during the pandemic, various outdoor exhibitions have become a perfect option for people to observe art. And recently, Quebec-based design agency, Cossette, has presented an interactive display, titled Playing in Public. The exhibition was created in partnership with The Bentway and is located under the towering Gardiner expressway.

The project aims to let people go outside and play, despite what age are they. And this theme can be seen through a vibrant wayfinding system that leads visitors through the grounds.

In addition, the Playing in Public exhibition will consist of a series of installations and online applications by such artists as Studio-F Minus, along with Pierre Poussin, Esmaa Mohamoud whose installation, called Double Dribble, is definitely one of the main highlights of the show. The work of art is designed in the form of the basketball court so that the visitors reimagine the possibilities of the traditional court. The event will be available until September 26 so hurry up!

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