Facts That Will Make You Want to Visit the Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum

The Vincent Van Gogh Museum is a prized treasure of the Netherlands. It holds many classic favorites and pieces inspired by his approach to creation. This immaculate location is a beautiful testament to this artist’s life, the body of work, and his impact on the art we see today. These facts will help you plan for your visit to the Van Gogh art museum perfectly!

Who is Vincent van Gogh?

He was a Dutch painter from the 1800s. His focus was primarily on post-impressionism. Funny enough, he wasn’t popular in his day. He only sold one painting during his time as a creative. Following his passing, his work suddenly blew up and still holds a great influence.

When Was the Museum Built?

The museum was founded in the late twentieth century.

Where is the Van Gogh Museum?

The building is located in the city of Amsterdam. It is located in an art hub and a few minutes from other museums.

What is the Van Gogh Museum Address?

The Van Gogh Museum Netherlands is located on Museumplein 6 in Amsterdam. The postal code is 107 1DJ.

What Are the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam hours?

You can visit this overwhelmingly beautiful place every day from 9 am to 6 pm. They say the best times to attend are early morning and late afternoon.

What Is in the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum?

The Van Gogh museum artwork consists of paintings, drawings, and written documents all by the great man himself. This full body of works will have you extremely immersed in the creative brain of this artist. You will get to know him through his visions and stories of his life.

Can you Shop in the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam?

The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Yes, yes you can. This museum is equipped with a stunning gift shop. Here you can pick up everything from postcards, mugs, t-shirts, and more. That way, you will be able to keep a memento to remember your experience at the museum.

How Many Tourists Visit the Museum Every Year?

Over 2 million tourists set their eyes on this stunning building every year. It is one of the top attractions in the Netherlands.

Van Gogh Museum Characteristics

  • full;
  • open;
  • modern design elements;
  • circular;
  • interesting;
  • meaningful;
  • accurate;
  • moving;
  • informative;
  • captivating.

Famous Paintings in the Van Gogh Museum

Famous Paintings in the Van Gogh Museum

There are tons of stunning works made by this artist. The founders of the museum did an amazing job maintaining the integrity of the artist and selecting pieces that would do justice to his story. It was hard to narrow down our favorites, but here are a few of the amazing masterpieces you will witness in the museum’s permanent collection. Yay for art!



First on our list is a stunning floral favorite. It’s from a still life series, the first was made in 1887 and the second in 1888. The first, made in Paris, shows the petals actually scattered on the floor. The second sends a very different message, as the floral bouquet is neatly arranged in a vase. The palette of beautiful yellows, brown, and hints of green blend nicely throughout the canvas. The work is serene and radiates joy. There are many Van Gogh renditions of Sunflowers out there today. The copy displayed in Van Gogh is a more recent version.

The Potato Eaters

The Potato Eaters

This oil on canvas painting is deeply dark and gloomy. The palette used creates an extra eerie atmosphere. This obscure painting was sent to his brother in the nineteenth century. It is considered to be his first masterpiece. In the scene, you can see five figures. One figure has its back to us. His goal was to portray a very natural family that did not appear awkward. His limited knowledge and lack of skills at the time of making this work resulted in a more original product.

Almond Blossoms

Almond Blossoms

Another Van Gogh classic. This blue work was created in approximately 1890. He held a special place in his heart for flowering trees and that is visible in his paintings. The almond trees illuminate a sense of hope. You can see them awakening over the blue sky. He also enjoyed the aesthetic element of this work. This work served as a celebration of the birth of a new family member. It is calming and joyful. These soft trees tie well with new beginnings.

Wheatfield With Crows

Our final favorite is another highly acclaimed piece by the artist. Many say it was his best one yet. The curves and soft strokes on this canvas make for a dreamy landscape. The setting is clear, yet also fluid. The simple colors are used to complement one another perfectly. Blue, yellow, green, and brown cover this canvas in curvy swoops. Depicted is a vast field, with a dramatic sky and flocks of crows flying overhead. It was made during his last few weeks of life. Many believe this was Van Gogh’s final painting before he left this earth, but no one can ever know for certain.

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