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Collage Artworks

Collage Artworks

Collage is a special technique of fine art, which consists of performing graphic or painting works by applying different colors and textures to the base. This technique is used mainly to obtain the effect of pungency and emotional saturation. When making a collage, several materials can be applied at once. For example, ink, pastel, and watercolor. Elements such as spot, line, and point are often used to accentuate the viewer’s attention. Collage is widely used only in the visual arts, but also in cinema, sculpture, poetry, and music. This technique should not be confused with the application. At its core, the collage is closer not to her, but to inlay. Collage is very close in its essence to applique, but it has an important essential difference. When making an applique, its author uses homogeneous elements (for example, leaves, or fabric, or leather), and when creating a collage, simultaneously several materials that are completely different in texture and origin.

Famous Collage Artists Names

By playing a fine line between copying and editing, collage art defies traditional notions of original artwork. However, this practice, which saw the light of day in the early 20th century, is very innovative as it allows multiple assemblies to be used. Nature Morte à la Chaise Canée by Pablo Picasso is considered the first college in art history. In this painting, where the oilcloth of the chair is not shown, but the specimen is glued to the work, this is the first time that the artist has included a flat product in his work. Collage was born! Since then, the environment has changed a lot … There are even artists who play with food. Here are 6 of the best collage artists.

Kurt Schwitters – Tops the List of Collage Painting Artists

collage painting artists

Close to the Dada movement, the German painter, sculptor and poet Kurt Schwitters is one of the forerunners of this movement which aims to integrate real objects into art. When he was kicked out of the Dada Club in Berlin, Schwitters created his own movement in 1919, which consisted of replacing painting with the rubbish of urban and industrial society. He gives it the name “Merz”, after his series of paintings entitled Merzbilder – one of the most famous collage artwork, a term constructed for no apparent reason (like “Dada”) from “Kommerzbank”. Subsequently, Scwhitters will extend his approach beyond his canvas to create a whole “Merz” space in his house in Hanover which thus gradually becomes the “Merzbau”.

Hannah Höch – Also Ranks on the List of the Famous Collage Artists

famous collage artists

Also Dada artist, Hannah Höch turns to the recycling of “lady’s works” such as offcuts, sewing patterns, and others to develop abstract and humorous compositions. Drawing inspiration from the collage work of Picasso and Schwitters, Höch brings this art form to the service of criticism of the Weimar Republic. A pioneer of feminism, her works of art is also a means of denouncing the rampant machismo of her time. She then had fun dressing incumbent government officials in lace collars and hijacking the beauty ideals that were already emerging in advertising.

Barbara Kruger

famous collage artwork

She is one of the post-modern collage artists, Barbara Kruger burst onto the art scene with her now-iconic work: Untitled: Your Body Is a Battleground in… It is the best collage art ever. A graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design, she began her career as a graphic designer as head of the Mademoiselle magazine line in New York. From 1960 to 1970, in parallel with this position, she was interested in poetry, painting but also photography. Thus, she gradually develops an original process that consists of juxtaposing images taken from the American press of the 1950s with provocative messages. His works then constitute a real commentary on consumer society.

Richard Hamilton – Is Among the Photo Collage Artists

famous collage artists names

Richard Hamilton’s legendary work, Just What Is it that Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing? (1956) depicts a half-naked couple in a living room where we find all the paraphernalia of the average American household of the 1950s. A great precursor of Pop Art, Hamilton was one of the first to question the notion of fine arts for the benefit of highlighting popular iconography. Thus, he became interested in making modern representations of traditional themes. For example, in Pin-up opposite, the subject of the nude takes on new clothes: the hair has a “cartoon” aspect, the breasts are drawn and rendered in 3 dimensions and the bra is a collage of a photograph.

Peter Beard – One of the Few Artists Who Do Collages With Wildlife

contemporary collage artists

A “modern tarzan” according to his friend Andy Warhol, the American artist Peter Beard has developed a very personal form of collage: horsehair, pieces of alligator skin, his own blood … elements not from popular culture but from Beard’s experience. Fashion photographer and a great lover of the African continent, he has created a photo-collage style where his writings in Indian ink adorn photos of naked models in the company of giraffes, wild animals from Kenya. A regular at Studio 54, Beard also had fun capturing the crazy New York evenings of the 70s and 80s, delivering us an overall work full of emotions and personal feelings.

Jacques Villeglé – One of the Contemporary Collage Artists

Jacques Villeglé Contemporary Collage Artist

Defining himself as a “poster artist”, French artist Jacques Villeglé keeps “the diary of the street world”. As the name of his movement suggests, Villeglé collects, classifies, and assembles scraps of posters that he takes off in the city. The goal is to reveal the dominant culture and give all these everyday images their place in art. In this way, Villeglé relates to the New Realists of the 1950s who also sought to develop a popular work, which reflects the life of the time. His colorful abstract compositions are a compendium of “collective realities” that invite the viewer to rediscover the beauty of the visual environment of urban space.

Lee Krasner – Artist Collage, Life in the Shadow of Jackson Pollock

best collage art

Died in 1984, the American painter saw her value rise on the auction market and was honored by the Barbican center in London until next September. A deserved consecration for a major artist, long confined to the image of “woman of”.

A list of collage portrait artists includes Salvador Dali with his portrait «Venus and the sailor», 1925 Oil on wood.

artists who do collages

In this picture, one can already feel Salvador Dali’s interest in surrealism, in metaphysical painting.

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