Find Out More About Famous French Stylist and Street Art Collector, Agnès B.

French Stylist and Street Art Collector

Agnès Andrée Marguerite Troublé is known worldwide for her clothing label designed in Parisian chic. But her first passion was art, and once she dreamed of becoming a museum curator.

After Agnès b. divorced her husband and left with children alone, she was broke. She entered fashion occasionally and started working as a fashion editor at Elle. 

Today, she is a successful businesswoman, stylist, and art collector. Her collection consists of more than 5,000 paintings and drawings, as well as sculptures, installations, and videos. The works of art include Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, and other personalities.

Agnès B collector

But besides street art, Agnès is also fond of photography, taking black-and-white photos for over 30 years. Her collection of portraits is a diary of her own life, characterized by sincerity and kindness.

In 1975, Agnès opened her first store in Paris, and nine years later Galerie du Jour appeared, located on the same street. And last year, she decided to unite an exhibition space, gallery, bookstore, and offices together in a 15,000-square-foot building. La Fab takes place near the Seine and is purposely distanced from the art districts to target new audiences. La Fab doesn’t receive any financing from the government.

art collection by Agnès B

When she first began purchasing artworks in the 1980s, she said she did not even plan to start a collection. According to Agnès, she doesn’t follow fashion, she is only interested in the style and taste. She loves buying art created by rising stars before they get famous. In addition, the collector said she has never sold the acquired pieces of works.

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