Frida Kahlo: Famous Paintings

frida kahlo famous paintings

Frida Kahlo paved the way for many female artists bravely. She was nothing short of bold and beautiful. Her work and unique face are still recognized globally today. We have put together an amazing list of Frida Kahlo’s famous paintings just for you. She was nothing short of bold and beautiful. Enjoy Frida Kahlo’s most famous work. What an absolute icon!

Who Is Frida Kahlo?

frida kahlo most famous painting

She is an acclaimed artist hailing from South America. Specifically, Mexico City. She lived a short but meaningful life from 1907-1954. During the years, she impacted the art scene greatly with her painted flowers and a huge amount of self-portraits. Her content was revealing and provided a voice for women in an industry dominated by men. Her stuff and spirit are viewed as absolutely magical. She painted over 50 portraits of herself. Now that takes confidence! She is also known for her striking signature unibrow. Details like this make her singular. A total rock star!

Frida Kahlo Famous Paintings List

What is Frida Kahlo’s most famous piece of art? It is hard to pick just one. Frida has created an abundance collection of earth-shattering works. We have narrowed it down to the most impactful. These are Frida Kahlo’s most famous painting names!

Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird

Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird

This is likely one of the most famous paintings of Frida Kahlo. She’s remembered for ridiculously stunning self-portraits. This illuminating piece was made in 1940 and she pictures herself here surrounded with all of nature’s embellishments. Behind her figure, there consists of supple, large green leaves. On her frame rests a monkey and a panther. They both have their gazes fixed on her, stalking.

She depicts herself boldly with an unibrow and mustache. This was brave given society’s gender roles in the early 1900s. The palette used is deep and calming. She possesses a neutral and almost nurturing presence, yet she has a thorn necklace around her. Take a minute to notice the blood dripping down her neck as she remains unfazed by it. Her demeanor contrasts the obvious danger of moving in on her. She made this painting following a complicated divorce and it is said to act as a diary capturing her feelings after they went separate ways. This is why the work is so deeply compelling. It holds a story and it stands as one of the most famous paintings by Frida Kahlo to exist!

The Two Fridas

The Two Fridas

This complex and surreal work was painted in 1939 by Frida. It makes the list of famous Frida Kahlo paintings for its detail and interesting backstory. It is meant to represent the two conflicting sides of the artists. It also ties into her separation from her husband.

The use of color in this work makes it hard to look away. It is bright in color, yet morbid in its image. One of Frida’s hearts is being torn out while the other has a heart intact. They are connected by one artery and seated calmly all dolled up in chairs. They hold hands stoically in their dresses. One in white floral and one in green, blue and yellow. In this work, love and loss go hand in hand. The evident struggle and turmoil make this work vulnerable and intriguing for the viewer. It acts as a window into Frida’s heartbreak. This is why it is known as Frida Kahlo’s most famous artwork.

Self Portrait with Cropped Hair

Self Portrait with Cropped Hair

Surprise, surprise! Third portrait. Of herself. I guess we need not seek inspiration further than ourselves. Some say this is Frida Kahlo’s most famous painting. This work came about in 1940. It speaks to Frida’s reinvention of herself. Following her divorce, she wanted a fresh look and start.

Here she is seen seated and dressed androgynously with her cropped hair. She is outfitted in a baggy blue suit with her hair slicked back. The color palette consists of deep blues, burnt oranges, and neutrals. Plus, a bright yellow chair to top it off. This masculine look sets this work apart from her previous mirror images.

You can tell she now views herself differently. Above her body, there is messy writing loosely floating above. These are lyrics from a famous song in her homeland. They speak about how long hair is a reason for loving and once it is gone, so is the love. It relates to her personal life perfectly. This is one of the most unique and most famous Frida Kahlo paintings!

The Broken Column

The Broken Column Frida Kahlo

Last on our list is this eye-catching masterpiece. It ranks high on the list for Frida Kahlo’s most famous painting. It was crafted by Frida in 1944. It is thought-provoking, honest, and sensual. Depicted is a young, naked Frida with her long black hair flowing. When she was young, she got in an accident that left her with an injured spine. This work explains the tragedy with a rod shooting up her spine between her breasts and causing bleeding. The landscape behind her is calm, yet she is covered in nails. Tragically beautiful.

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