How to Give Art as a Gift: A Guide to Your Gift-Giving

Art As A Gift

The holiday season is here, and the gift-giving is overflowing, so how to give art as a gift? Many answers to such a question. Of course, one must think of the details: the person you’re gifting to, the interests of the person, what art is available, and how can you present art as a gift from the heart. To gift painting, perhaps as a coloring book, or numbered-painting canvas, to those younger art-lovers in your life, will always bring a smile to their faces. But when it comes to painting gifts and painting gift ideas, we got you covered.

Art as a Gift

Firstly, understand that when gifting art or a painting, such action reveals deep interest and devotion to the person who is receiving it. As every human is their own, individual self, each painting gift, or gift of art, will be deliberate and specific to each person. We aren’t here to tell you that you should and should not gift to your loved ones and people in your life. Gift as you wish! We’re just supporting your heartfelt idea with a little more guidance.

Gifting art is one of the most precious and intimate gestures to date. Since back in time when the Kings and Queens would receive portraits of themselves and their families, paintings as a gift were always received with respect and appreciation. And as time continued on and the art market formed into more significant shape, art has been used as gift-giving continuously – in all kinds of ways and perception.

The Smaller Thoughts

Something incredibly special – turning artwork into gifts. Taking that small drawing you doodled that compliments the poem on the same page, tearing it out of your journal and pairing it with the tiniest bouquet of flowers. That is something significantly special. And meaningful. An expression of gift-giving that does not involve all the money-spending despair.

On the Bigger End

The art market will always be thriving with the inventions and intakes of this artistic world. If someone in your life is a known art-lover and respecter, the grand gesture of purchasing fine art from galleries of course is an option. Gifting a work of art from either a renowned or local artist has its value and honor. To bring such a piece into the home and heart of your designated person is truly a gift of giving love. No doubt. So if your wallet and bank account can afford to embark on this kind of artistic investment, go right on ahead. And! You’re not only gifting the love of art to your person, but you’re also helping to finance and build stability for the working artists in this demanding world.

This financial gesture also extends to all forms of art. Buy the seats for the live dance performance, purchase the concert tickets to your favorite jazz band, and go see a play on the stage when you can!

To gift the world of art into someone’s home, hands, or heart, is a beautiful display of love. From giving a young child their first box of crayons with a coloring book, or the old etch-n-sketch, to introducing watercolor painting into the teenagers’ life, or even embarking on pottery and ceramic class to us young adults and older, art will always stand as one of the most treasured and beautiful gifts to give.

And also to remember, not all art is a painting or sculpture. Art is executed and performed in various ways. Yes, a drawing of the old house you lived in or a sculpted ceramic bowl you crafted is both artistic givings. But treasure, to dance, to sing, to bring words to their own life, these are all ways and compositions of art.

Help to keep art and its artists alive with stability and a sustained lifestyle! The artworld is always in need of more supporters, believers, and even donors. After all, “the earth without art is just eh”.

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