Iron Age Gold Treasure Was Discovered in Denmark by a Man With a Metal Detector

Iron Age Gold Treasure Was Discovered

A resident of Denmark decided to use a metal detector for the first time and found almost a kilogram of gold from the Iron Age. Gold items of the 6th century were discovered near the Danish town of Jelling. This is one of the largest discoveries of this kind in the country. Now the treasures that have lain in the ground for almost one and a half millennia will be kept in the National Museum of Denmark.

Ole Ginnerup Schytz purchased a metal detector in December 2020, and on the same day, he decided to try it on the territory belonging to his former classmate. After several hours of searching, he heard a characteristic sound- the device found something. At first, the man did not realize that he had discovered a treasure. He thought he had found the lid of a can, as he later admitted.

Gold Treasure Was Discovered in Denmark

The Dane reported his find to the Vejle Museum. Later, archaeologists examined the place of discovery for six months, during which time they found almost a kilogram of ancient artifacts. There were medallions, gold coins, bracelets, and pendants in the ground. The examination showed that they are not less than one and a half thousand years old.

It was reported, the gold was buried as early as the sixth century. It included luxurious jewelry, Roman coins, runes, and medallions. The researchers’ attention was drawn to two findings. Locket carved with a male head with braided hair, which may refer to the god of Norse mythology Odin. And also a coin with the image of the Roman emperor Constantine, which testifies to the extensive trade relations of Rome, located 2,000 kilometers from the place of discovery. Some Roman coins were made as decorations.

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