It Is Believed That a Wax Sculpture, Created by Michelangelo, May Have His Fingerprint

Wax Sculpture Have Michelangelo Fingerprint

The Victoria and Albert Museum London assumes that Michelangelo’s small wax sculpture has experienced a chemical change and the artist left his fingerprint at the work. His sculpture is a wax model of a slave, made in 1516-1519 special for the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican in Rome. Although Michelangelo was unable to complete his last piece, this wax figure demonstrates his level of unique skills.

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An alleged fingerprint was found on the statue’s buttocks. And this is truly amazing that one of Michelangelo’s prints could have survived in wax. Such showings suggest the physical presence of the artist’s creative process where the mind connects with the hand.

If the alleged fingerprint definitely belongs to Michelangelo, this will help resolve controversies over the origin of the artwork. Such chemical experiments will help to reveal new details in works that have not been clear until this moment.

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