Keith Haring’s Mural, Located in Barcelona, May Soon Be Destroyed Forever

barcelonas mural

A red mural, created by Keith Haring special for the Barcelona club in 1989, may soon be demolished. A work of art, created in Haring’s signature style, showing a figure with a flower instead of a head. After the club was closed in 1993, a billiard hall became a new place for the mural. But now the owners are planning to destroy the building together with Haring’s work. Following the announcement of the tragic fate of the little-known mural, the conflict has arisen, including the question of whether the mural can be safely removed and possibly sold.

Recently, the manager of the billiard hall said that the Keith Haring Foundation decided to buy the mural for the amount of 80,000 euros, as well as cover the costs of removing it.

Interestingly, there is a copy of this mural located in the Barcelona Museum of Modern Art, but it did not attempt to acquire the work of the artist.

This is not the first time one of Haring’s frescoes has been demolished. In 2011, Haring’s mural painted in Paris around 1987 was nearly destroyed. But after restoration efforts to repair the damages, the 88.5-foot artwork was finished by 2017.

During his lifetime, Haring admitted that some of his works of art may not last forever

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