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The male nude is very restrained and chastely represented in world art, but sometimes there are quite daring artists and sculptors who dare to show the male naked body as it is. Let’s talk about this.

In pre-Christian times, people were more comfortable with the public display of men’s nudes. No, no one walked the streets naked “in what the mother gave birth”, but sometimes nudity was allowed, and for rituals, it was even approved. And not only for women but also for men. Equally. So what happened to society, if after some several centuries a person tightly wrapped himself in multi-layered clothes, hid his hair under caps, and forbade himself “in public” to admire the natural beauty of a naked body? And if the taboo on female “nudity” did not last long, and after some time a separate genre was identified for such images — nude, then young male nudity was always talked about rarely and negligibly little. And even a liberated person of the XXI century is often embarrassed at the sight of a naked man in sculpture, painting, and in a photo, even if an intimate place is modestly covered with a fig leaf.

Information about Male Nude Art

A nude woman is always sexy and erotic, but a male nude painting is considered attractive only for a limited circle of fans. It is not customary to admire a nude male. Even in ancient times, according to the canons of that time, eroticism was not put into the statues of men. Usually, it was an open display of strength if it was a heroic context, and masculinity if it was a religious sculpture. For example, the ancient Egyptian judge Snofrunefer — his statue is full of beauty and inner will, but does not even evoke a hint of thoughts of lust, and even more so about male nude drawings.

Christianity brought new rules and new morals. By the 16th-17th centuries, the church finally strengthened its influence and, in fact, banned naked male art. Believers were persistently advised not to sleep naked, not to look at the naked body, and even more so not to examine it intently and with interest (even their own). In the art of the nude male, isolated cases were allowed, but they were also discontinued. In one of the churches in Florence, priests removed from the walls and hid a painting with a naked Saint Sebastian, after the parishioners confessed to the confessor about frequent sexual fantasies involving the martyr. This was a precedent. This was followed by a special decree of Pope Paul IV with the requirement to edit frescoes, sculptures, canvases depicting naked men in the art. The delightful works of Michelangelo, Titian, Raphael were disfigured with decorative fig leaves, and it was not possible to restore their original appearance.

Who Was Featured in the Artistic Male Nude?

nude male painting

At the beginning of the 19th century, nude male portraits finally began to return to art, but they remained veiled. Painters and sculptors portrayed men as strong ancient heroes with flexing shoulder muscles and strong-willed cheekbones. Napoleon Bonaparte, performed by Antonio Canova, appears before us in the form of the Greek god of war, but it’s so difficult to find in this sculptural plexus of muscles the natural sexuality of a young man, isn’t it?

A fresh wind of change blew at the beginning of the twentieth century. The European society was carried away by naturism and psychoanalysis and began to put the context of nude men’s art into everything. Expressionism breathed into painting what it lacked for a long time — artists’ natural emotions and experiences. Pictures with pretty boys’ nudes appeared and the central figures in them were far from Mars or Apollo, on the contrary, the image of the ancient hero gradually began to be forgotten. This place was taken by simple earthly men — skinny and obese, tall and short, attractive and frankly ugly. The daring Egon Schiele was the first to portray himself naked, followed by other painters. For example, the Austrian painter Richard Gerstl and the famous Lucian Michael Freud.

All about Naked Men Painting

But even in the 21st century, with an abundance of information sources and ostentatious emancipation, society has not yet matured to a calm perception of male nudes. Yes, for a certain part of the population, paintings, sculptures, and photographs of erotic male nudes remain taboo topics. But for art lovers, male nudity becomes an object of sincere admiration and admiration.

One of the most exciting new subjects of modern human studies is the human body, and in our case, nude male painting. Today, no one doubts that our body is not just a natural, anatomical and physiological entity, but a complex and changeable social construct. But who and how “constructs” the human body? In philosophy and cultural studies, there are several conceptual schemes and binary oppositions in this regard, which, unfortunately, are poorly coordinated and often incompatible with each other.

Beginning with the classic work of the English art critic Sir Kenneth Clark (Clark, 1960), art historians, and beyond them and other scholars, distinguish between the concept of naked and naked. Naked (naked) — this is just a naked body, naked — a man without clothes, as his mother gave birth to. On the contrary, nudity is a social and aesthetic construct; the naked body is not just not covered but is deliberately exposed for a specific purpose, in accordance with certain cultural conventions and values. To be naked means to be yourself, natural, unadorned. To be naked is to be exposed. For the naked body of the adult male nudes to become naked, it must be seen as an object, objectified. “The naked reveals itself. Nudity on display … Naked is doomed to never be naked. Male naked can be both in public and alone. A naked person (for example, in a bathhouse) simply is himself, does not feel himself an object of other people’s attention, does not notice his nakedness, and does not feel any special emotions about this. But if only the naked one feels that they are looking at him, he becomes embarrassed and begins to hide behind or pose.

The naked body necessarily presupposes the viewer, whose evaluating gaze shapes our self-perception. A stripper or bodybuilder who demonstrates himself to the public, consciously making his body the object of someone else’s gaze, interest, envy, or lust, remains the subject of action, he controls his nakedness, takes pride in his muscles, strength, elegance or seduction. On the contrary, a person who has been forcibly naked or forced to undress feels like the object of someone else’s manipulation and experiences shame and humiliation, regardless of whether he is handsome or ugly. In other words, if the naked appears to be objectively given, then the nakedness is created by the look.

TOP 4 Famous Male Nudes

The very first sculpture dedicated to the nude body belongs to the Bronze Age. The nude genre was the most important in ancient culture since the attention of artists was primarily paid to physical beauty, strength, and endurance — the key qualities of ancient people. The genre acquired a new breath during the Renaissance. Today, we see more than ever a widespread interest in the depiction of the nude body and its parts in all forms of art, as well as in popular culture. In this article, we will tell you about the outstanding masterpieces in the nude genre, created before the nude human figure was released.

Ruby, Gold, and Malachite (1902)

erotic male nudes

Ruby, Gold, and Malachite are an oil on canvas paintings by Henry Scott Tuke. An imprint of a painting showing several boys, some of whom are naked, in a rowboat, swimming and relaxing in the river. It was painted near Falmouth and exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 1902, along with two other works by Tuke.

Egon Schiele, Friendship (1913)

male nude art

Despite the name, sensual sexuality is evident in the depiction of two nudes guys: a young naked man passionately holds a naked woman from behind. For Schiele, a well-known connoisseur of the nude body and eroticism, it is very difficult to choose one particular work that most characterizes his “naked” work.

Paul Cezanne, Seven Bathers (1900)

men nudes

Cezanne is known for his depictions of nude bathers and bathers. In particular, the painting “Seven Bathers” depicts figures of nude masculine men, although some of them are emphatically androgynous. This painting is certainly not the most erotic in the plot, but its aesthetics is present here. It is assumed that Cezanne, due to the lack of models before his eyes, painted this picture from memory.

Caravaggio, “Cupid the Winner” (1601-1602)

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The painting shows Cupid with dark wings, in a half-sitting position. He is surrounded by casually scattered objects related to human life. We see that the material part of civilization is defeated by Victorian male nudes — its symbols lie at the feet of a triumphant Cupid. The image of Cupid was overly popular in the painting of those times, but Caravaggio painted it differently from other painters. Caravaggio’s depiction of the god of love is particularly realistic. Usually, Cupid was portrayed as a boy of almost perfect beauty, spiritualized, sublime. But Caravaggio’s Cupid is far from ideal: he looks more like a street bully than some kind of exalted deity.

There has never been a single poetics of the male body, as well as a single type of masculinity, and there never will be, each type of individuality carries its own problems and difficulties. The complex and lengthy process of transformation of gender stereotypes is painfully experienced by many men and gives rise to many sociocultural and sexological problems. Their study is one of the complex tasks of social science and human studies.

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