Michael De Titan’s Project Combines Art and Nature | The Figures Are Cut into the Mountain


Peru country, located in the south of America, is world-famous for its Inca remains. Especially, it is known for the archaeological site, called Machu Picchu. The sculptor from Cusco, Michael de Titan, continues the tradition of combining art with nature, creating his latest project, titled Apukunaq Tianan. It is located nearly 40 minutes from Cusco, this tourist attraction features a lot of sculptures that are cut into the rock of the mountain.

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peru sculpture

The figures, created by Andean, include Wiracocha, the head of a puma, and Túpac Amaru. Interestingly, De Titan only used a tool and hammer to add incredible details to the surface of the mountain. All sculptures have a height between 15 and 17 meters.

The opening of Apukunaq Tianan is scheduled for 2021 and matches the year of Peru’s independence.

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