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New York City holds the deepest heart of art in all of America. It has become a place that supports some of the best contemporary art galleries in NYC and in the nation. The best modern and contemporary art museums can be found in New York. A subway stop awaits your arrival to experience some of the most profound modern art galleries and museums in New York. We’ve put together a list of some of the best contemporary art galleries and modern art museums in New York City to fill your days with all the sincere art history it needs! And because of current times (COVID-19), almost all modern art museums offer online exhibitions and archives. Contemporary and modern art is at your fingertips!

MoMA (Museum of Modern Art)

11 West 53rd St. New York, NY (Manhattan)

MoMA (Museum of Modern Art)

First on our list, the classic and most notable, MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). This Manhattan museum has gone through a recent renovation and has opened its doors to the (safety cautious) public once again. Expanding throughout five floors of artistic creation, the MoMA holds some of the best modern art of New York City inside its walls. From Henri Matisse to Frida Kahlo and its photography collections dating back from the 1880s, the MoMa also introduces some of the world’s most upcoming and new contemporary artists. As well as photography and paintings, works of sculpture and structure can be observed inside this exhilarating museum. Film series catch the eyes of observers just as each other exhibition. In becoming and solidifying itself as one of the best modern art museums in NYC, the MoMa is the home to the forever-honoring work “The Artist is Present”. A live performance artwork by Marina Abramovic, that to this day holds to be one of the most emotional works to ever be presented in the MoMA. The MoMA is top to be the best modern art museums in New York City.


22-25 Jackson Ave. Queens, NY (Long Island City)

museum of modern art MoMA PS1

Another grand museum of modern art in New York, the MoMA PS1. A sister to the MoMA in Manhattan, this location is a rather industrial-sleek architectural taste. Located close to the borderline of Queens and Brooklyn, MoMA PS1 holds some of the “most experimental, thought-provoking art” of today. This museum of contemporary art (New York City) shines many spotlights on foreign artistic voices of political statements and conversations. The MoMA PS1 conveys works of art in 2D form, structured sculpture, film and video, and even outside experience. Because of its majestic architectural atmosphere, the MoMA PS1 has become a significant spot of modern art devotion to its observers. MoMA PS1 is one of the best New York modern art museums.

The Whitney Museum

99 Gansevoort St. New York, NY (Manhattan)


The Whitney Museum of American Art holds high in New York contemporary art galleries and museums. It is located in the heart of the Meat-Packing District of lower Manhattan, this NYC modern art museum hosts quite a beautiful experience of contemporary and modern American art. Most notable for its returning thrill of their Andy Warhol exhibition, the Whitney also carries the weight of art in support of David Wojnarowicz, Tomashi Jackson, and thousands of others in the archives. Not only does the Whitney expose many modern and contemporary art and artists, but this New York modern art museum is also renowned for its photography exhibitions that engulf an entire floor each season. Take the elevator up and experience entire generations of captured art from the lens of a camera. As well as its magnificent contemporary and modern art in New York, the Whitney is located along New York’s famous “HighLine” and built with modern architecture that opens the views of New York City to a modern artistic perspective. Find your way to this contemporary art museum and you’ll fall into a modern escape inside of the liveliest city in America.

David Zwirner Gallery

525 W. 19th St. New York, NY(Manhattan)

David Zwirner Gallery

The David Zwirner Gallery has been ranked and experienced as one of the best contemporary art galleries in New York City. David Zwirner, a German curator and art enthusiast, has established this gallery space across the world. You can find these galleries in London, Paris, and Hong Kong, but in New York City, you’ll find you have three opportunities to immerse yourself in some of the best modern and contemporary art in New York. David Zwirner of Germany has brought some of the most specific and conceptual art into his gallery space. Ranking in the top for must-see galleries inside and out of the United States. The David Zwirner Gallery holds a pristine reputation in the art world. Referred to by most as one of the best contemporary art galleries in New York City, this gallery art space offers a taste into the modern art world. Make an appointment to dive deep into the contemporary artistic experience.

Gagosian Gallery

555 West 24th Street, New York

Gagosian Gallery modern art

Owned and curated by Larry Gagosian, the Gagosian Galleries expands throughout all of New York City. These contemporary art galleries can be found amongst and within Manhattan from the Upper East Side to the famous Chelsea neighborhood. With five modern art galleries in New York City alone, Gagosian has brought this modern art space to many other artistically established geographic locations including cities in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Gagosian Galleries host work from significant artists such as Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst to the occasional Pablo Picasso or Andy Warhol. The Gagosian Gallery is notably the best contemporary art gallery in New York City and beyond.

Pace Gallery

540 W. 25th St. New York, NY


Bringing an array of contemporary artists from several different countries to host them together in the heart of New York City, Pace Gallery is a gallery of modern art in New York City that has been curated to introduce and expose the works of modern and contemporary international artists and estates. Globally holding space from New York to London, Geneva to Seoul, the Pace Gallery offers works of contemporary art that will forever be existent in this world. Defined as one of the best galleries of contemporary art in New York City, the Pace Gallery is one for mandatory experience and respect.

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