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When it comes to fame in the art world, the Mona Lisa sure does take the cake. This portrait is likely one of, if not the, most renowned singular works out in the world today. There is truly nothing quite like her. This irreplaceable face has a line of eager visitors ready to snap photos constantly. People just can’t get enough. If you’ve ever pondered on what all the fuss is about, read these cool Mona Lisa facts!

Who Painted the Mona Lisa?

Mona Lisa Facts

Everyone has heard of the great Leonardo da Vinci one way or another. He was the master behind the Mona Lisa. He was an Italian Renaissance painter.

When Was Mona Lisa Made?

This exquisite work was painted long ago in the early 1500s. This painting draws stylistic references from the Renaissance period.

Where Was Mona Lisa Painted?

Leonardo painted the face of this mysterious woman in Florence, Italy. This city was full of aspiring artists like himself.

Where Is It Now?

This lovely lady is now home to the Musee du Louvre in Paris, France. This is a result of it being owned under the French Republic. It is one of the hottest tourist attractions in the museum and the world.

Mona Lisa is Watching You

Mona Lisa eyes

The eyes of this painting are said to follow you as you move into the room. She is always making eye contact with you, which is partially the reason Mona Lisa is so captivating and immersive.

How Big Is the Mona Lisa?

Honestly, not too big at all. This painting is seriously tiny, given all of the hype it has received. This always surprises its witness. The frame only measures a humble 30 by 21 inches. If it wasn’t for the crowd of tourists, you might even miss it. It is much smaller than other artworks in the museum.

The Record

Guinness Book of World records actually claimed the Mona Lisa to be the painting with the most costly insurance. Over the years, its value has inflated and therefore the insurance has increased from millions to billions.


Why is the Mona Lisa so important? Everyone will say something different. All we know is, important enough for experts to value it at over two billion dollars. That number is approximate, most say it is just virtually priceless. Every art hub wishes they had their hands on this work!

Where Did Her Eyebrows Go?

The Mona Lisa eyebrows and a big topic of debate. We will never know for sure. Some say they were left out intentionally as a fashion statement from the era and others say they are an indicator that her face was never actually finished. The most rational explanation is that over time final touches like eyelashes and eyebrows wore off naturally. A brow-less mystery!

Why Is the Mona Lisa Famous?

smile of mona lisa

There is no debate surrounding whether the Mona Lisa is a good painting. Of course, it is. It was painted with a high level of thought and technique. However, there are endless amounts of ridiculously good paintings in the world. This one just happened to get very very lucky.


This place does not mess around when it comes to this one-of-a-kind piece. A cool piece of Mona Lisa’s information is that it is cased in bulletproof glass and is heavily guarded 24/7. With the insane amount of daily visitors, protection is necessary.

It Was Stolen

The reason for the protection is mainly a response to a close call back in 1911. The masterpiece was actually stolen and not returned until a few years later. This is one of the many aspects of the crazy history of the Mona Lisa. We are so lucky today that it was not lost forever. Phew!

Who Was the Mona Lisa?

Who Was the Mona Lisa

We will never know one hundred per cent, but many people believe her to be Lisa Gherardini. She was an Italian woman and her husband was thought to have commissioned the depiction of his wife himself.

Mona Lisa Isn’t Her Only Name

Two of her less popular names are La Gioconda in Italian or La Joconde in French. The Mona Lisa meaning, that many Italians prefer, translates as “My Lady Lisa.”

Napoleon Loved Her

Napoleon, at a time, had this painting hung proudly and lovingly in his private bedroom. He would gawk at her beauty daily in his little hideaway. His interest in the piece propelled his admiration for a lovely-looking Italian named Teresa Guadagni. She also conveniently happened to be Lisa Gherardini’s descendant.

This Painting Was a Heartbreaker

close look to mona lisa

Many many desperate men came with flowers and letters to place by Mona Lisa as they took in her beauty. People literally fell in love with her, which is hard to comprehend. Many men did odd things because of this eerily beautiful woman with a wicked smile. A few men even died by suicide over their unhealthy obsession with this painting. This proves how irresistible she was to the masses, even stuck in a tiny canvas.

Pop Art Icon

Her face is everywhere. On t-shirts, souvenirs, posters and new works of art. This work is said to be one of the most parodied and popular works of all time. This is how Leonardo and Mona, together, live on through a new contemporary vision!

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