Nathaniel Mary Quinn’s Works Will Be Presented at the Exhibition at Gagosian in New York

Nathaniel Mary Quinn’s Dynamic Portraiture

Gagosian and Nathaniel Mary Quinn have cooperated for launching a new solo exhibition, which is scheduled for September 17th. NOT FAR FROM HOME; STILL FAR AWAY is the artist’s debut that will be released at a gallery in New York. The presentation features a series of new paintings with dynamic portraits.

Mary Quinn’s works are distinguished by bold and vibrant visual fragments that range from neo-Dadaism to realism. While creating his collage portraiture, Quinn applies Cadavre Exquisis. The surreal technique refers to artists’ collaboration in order to create comical pieces of art.

The artist’s childhood certainly influenced the style he is working with. When the artist was in ninth grade, his mother died. After this tragic event, his father and brothers left him alone. That’s why Quinn added his mother’s maiden name, Mary, at the end of his name. These traumatic youthful memories can be noticed in some of his works, such as Double-Barreled Shotgun which the artists created in 2021.

You can visit the exhibition at Gagosian New York which will be shown starting from September 17th to October 30th.

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