National Museums of Scotland Got £1 Million to Research the Cold War Issue

cold war research

The National Museums of Scotland has recently got a grant from the AHRC and now can carry a £1 million research project examining how the Cold War theme is revealed in museums in the UK and Europe. This is the largest research grant that the National Museums of Scotland has ever received.

The project plans to last 3 years under the title Materializing the Cold War and will be completed by a big exhibition about Scotland and the Cold War. The presentation will feature school programs, educational publications, and events to support the museum and pay attention to this period of history.

The thing is that such a war is not as fully described in museums, unlike other conflicts. Therefore, the goal of the project is to analyze museum collections and exhibits across the UK and Europe, including military, history, technology, art, and design sectors. In addition, the exhibition will fully examine Scotland’s place in this remarkable conflict. The event is scheduled for October 1.

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