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bodegon painting

Spanish Still-Life Painters: Find Out Interesting Information about Bodegon Painting

We are accustomed to the French “nature morte” and the English “still life”, but there is another...

flaming giraffe

The History of the Creation of the Painting “The Burning Giraffe” and Meaning

"The Burning Giraffe" is the work of the Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. This work of art...

Quebec museum

Oh Shit! Exhibition Talks about People Fecal and a Problem of Human Waste

The creator of a new museum exhibition, that will take place in Quebec, believes that people's...

cold war research

National Museums of Scotland Got £1 Million to Research the Cold War Issue

The National Museums of Scotland has recently got a grant from the AHRC and now can carry a £1...

David Bowie

A Panting, Purchased for Less than 5 Dollars, Turned Out to Be David Bowie’s Original

On June 15, the painting, which was purchased for an amount of less than 5 dollars, was then...

poster art history

Late 19th Century Posters of Parisian Nightlife: Famous French Posters

Poster art is a multifaceted, limitless and extremely beautiful topic to explore. Perhaps this is...

crypto punk

Israeli Entrepreneur Bought an NFT Work for 11.8 Million Dollars at Sotherby’s

The buyer paid 11.8 million dollars for purchasing an NFT digital artwork called CryptoPunk. The...

Simon Hantai artist

Simon Hantai – the Artist with Brilliant Hands! French-Hungarian Conceptual Artist and Painter

In the 1960s, the Hungarian-born French concept Simon Hantai artist developed his signature...

greece muralist

A Neo-Muralist from Greece Describes the Pandemic in His Paintings, Using a Mythology

An Athenian artist, who calls himself a neo-muralist, combines Greek mythology with graffiti and...

dance painting

Dance Paintings Artists – Learn All about Dance Sketches! A Complete Guide for You

When a person first thought about the fact that experiences, feelings, and emotions can be...

Yinka Shonibare

British-Nigerian Artist Yinka Shonibare Presents African Masks at His 7th Exhibition

The gallery, under the direction of Stephen Friedman, is hosting the seventh exhibition named...

barcelonas mural

Keith Haring’s Mural, Located in Barcelona, May Soon Be Destroyed Forever

A red mural, created by Keith Haring special for the Barcelona club in 1989, may soon be...

Sustainable artist

Find Out Who Joined Sustainable Artists – Find Sustainable Art and More Here

Sustainable art is the art that is in harmony with the key principles of sustainability, including...

erotic male nudes

Erotic Male Nudes: TOP 4 Famous Male Nudes – A Complete and Detailed Overview for You

The male nude is very restrained and chastely represented in world art, but sometimes there are...

Alec monopoly art

Who Is Alec Monopoly? Why Does Alec Monopoly Cover His Face? See the Answers Below

Alec Endon is a contemporary street art artist better known by his pseudonym Alec Monopoli. Why...

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