Pipilotti Rist Artist Statement – Fantastic Universe: Video Art in New York

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Pipilotti Rist – the Sorceress of the Art World

The unique and talented artist Pipilotti Rist burst into the hearts of the audience thanks to the purity of her works, her honesty, and her hypnotic effect. The real name of this artist is Elizabeth Charlotte Rist. The artist’s unusual pseudonym was formed from her childhood nickname “Lottie” and the name of her favorite childhood character – Pippi Long stocking. East started making videos while at university: her first job was born in 1986 and was called “I’m Not The Girl Who Misses Much”.

Videos of Pipilotti’s work usually last several minutes and are projected onto the walls and ceiling. Regardless of the timing of the work, the artist has always skillfully worked with color, light, and imagination, invariably drawing her viewers into amazing worlds. According to critics, one of Rist’s most powerful works is the installation “Sip my Ocean”, which was almost entirely filmed underwater.

The author currently lives and works in Zurich and Los Angeles. Installations by Pipilotti Rist are successfully demonstrated all over the world: Spain, the USA, Germany, Brazil, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, and other countries.

Video Art by Pipilotti Rist in New York

pipilotti rist art

The new exhibition of the famous artist “Pixel Forest” is presented in the Pipilotti Rist new museum. The new building was designed by the Japanese bureau SANAA for the 30th anniversary of the museum on Bowery Street, considered almost a slum in Manhattan. But, as is often the case, the appearance of the museum building in 2007 gradually turned the dysfunctional area into a fashionable place.

The main theme of this exhibition, like most of the artist’s projects, remains the study of the emotional and psychological world of a person. Playing with color, music and movement, the artist immerses the audience in her unique world, which they will never want to leave. According to the artist herself, her art is “the glorification of the greatest of the miracles of evolution,” that is, man himself. Therefore, despite what exactly is depicted on the wall or ceiling, the viewer has always been and remains the main character. Rist’s works always represent human encounters with unexpected textures, forms and functions of the world around us. Pipilotti Rist exhibition “The Pixel Forest” is located on three floors of the new museum.

The works presented there illustrate almost the entire creative path of the artist. Among them there are both early single-channel videos of the 80s, and modern extensive installations dedicated to nature, architecture and the role of man in the world. Thanks to the unique solutions of the museum, the exposition clearly represents the relationship between Rist’s creativity and the technologies of the modern human world. From the TV screen to the huge modern projectors and smartphones – all these technologies are designed to help the artist convey her beauty to the viewer.

If you are bored with classical academic exhibitions, and you dream of breaking free from the world of everyday life, plunge into the atmosphere of inspiration and tranquility, then the Pixel Forest exhibition can become a real discovery for you. The huge and amazing worlds presented by the artist Pipilotti Rist works, in fact, always surround us, we just do not always think about it.

Fantastic Universe: Pipilotti Rist art in New York

The first major retrospective of the classic media artist from Switzerland, Pipilotti Rist, was held with great success at the New Museum of Modern Art in New York. The exhibition covers all periods of the artist’s work – early video works of the 1980s, exploring the influence of pop culture on the female body, and recent large-scale installations that imitate fantastic reality. Rist’s non-objective and often plotless video works are projected onto all surfaces and completely capture the space.

The third floor of the museum is given over to the giant LED installation “Pixel Forest”, which gave the name to the exhibition. Pipilotti Rist artist calls it hypnotic, counting on the viewer’s complete immersion in the world of his fantasies and emotions. “My work is an additional way to find yourself by looking inside,” says Rist.

The new Museum of Contemporary Art was designed by the Japanese bureau Sanaa and opened in 1977. It would be more accurate to call it a museum of contemporary art since it presents artists who have already made a name for themselves in the art world but have not yet exhibited at prestigious museum venues.

Pipilotti Rist managed to come up with a general model of happiness – after all, happiness comes in a dream, and she created a dream colorful, amazing, memorable, in the spirit of Zen and Om, and, most importantly, common to everyone. A vivid dream accompanied by amazing music – as a model of happiness, without borders and shame, as an escape from the real world to the invented world, common for everyone and surprisingly different for everyone who builds a happy world for himself, for the non-lazy and curious, seeking and hoping. For those who can imagine Pipilotti Rist pepperminta that he will become a sea-robber. Pipilotti Rist believes that dreams should be taken as seriously as the films watched, and it is dreams that are the true consciousness of a person.

Interesting Moments: Pipilotti Rist Artist Statement

pipilotti rist new york

Needless to say, Pippi Long stocking is a favorite character of Pipilotti Rits, who was born in Grabs in the canton of St. Gallen in the Rhine Valley in Switzerland in 1962. She graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, studied Audiovisual Communication at the School of Design in Basel, and now lives and works in Zurich. Loves Lennon and Yoko Ono, in their youth she played punk-rock in the group “Les Reines Prochaines” and was inspired by the work of Bruce Naumann.

And she doesn’t know what shame is. Actually, this wonderful wayward artist with red hair is called Elizabeth Charlotte Rist, and Pipilotti is a mixture of Pippi and her childhood nickname Lottie. And Pipilotti is rich, independent, and can afford to do what she wants. Pipilotti Rist started in the eighties with provocative one-channel videos about social phobias, sex and physiology, freedom, and pornography. Pipilotti Rist music developed along with the technologies that she masterfully mastered over three decades. The exhibition curator and artistic director of the New Museum, Massimiliano Joni, has filled three floors of the museum with her work over the past 30 years, from the early very concrete to the latest mesmerizing. Rist started making videos while at university: her first job was born in 1986 and was titled I’m Not The Girl Who Misses Much. Girl Who Misses Much “- the first line of John Lennon’s song” Happiness Is A Warm Gun “.). Do you think this name alludes to feminism? Not without this, again reminds of Pippi Long stocking – that is, of insolence and self-confidence, of the desire to do your own thing.
Pipilotti Rist installation of dreams captures the viewer entirely – they are projected onto the walls, ceiling, or floor. You make your way to them through the waves of thin transparent curtains, along which multi-colored sheep flow or through the “Pixel Forest” – cords with multi-colored shell lamps hanging densely from the ceiling. These dreams can be touched, touched, you can immerse yourself in them, lying on poufs, pillows, and beds placed in the hall (just do not forget to take off your shoes – the sign carefully asks). You can walk on these dreams, you can get stuck in them or run away to another floor. But you can’t catch them – that’s why you just have to believe in them.

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