Realistic Statue of a Drowning Girl in a Spanish River Scared Local People

Realistic Statue of a Drowning Girl

The sculpture of the huge face of the drowning girl was installed without warning from local residents. And the next morning many people were really scared when they saw a human’s face in the muddy water.

The frighteningly realistic face of a drowning young woman appeared in the dark waters of the Bilbao river in Spain. The author of the sculpture is the Mexican hyperrealist artist Ruben Orozco, who called it Bihar, which means tomorrow in Basque. He created it for the BBK Foundation campaign.

sculpture in Spanish River

As the ebbs and flows rise and fall, a 120kg fiberglass figure sinks under the water and then reappears every day. This kind of performance is the best reflection of what could happen if humanity continues to rely on unsustainable models, such as those that contribute to climate change.

The sculpture was installed last week, delivered by boat, and lowered into the river in the city center in the middle of the night, while the townspeople slept. Therefore, when they saw the face of a drowning human in the water in the morning, many people were shocked, since no one had warned them about the new art object.

Bihar is Orozco’s second work. Two years ago, the artist’s first work appeared in the city park- a life-size and incredibly realistic statue of a lonely old woman sitting on a bench. It was intended to draw attention to the problems of older people who are forced to live in isolation.

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