Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam Plans the Largest Vermeer Exhibition in History by 2023

the Largest Vermeer Exhibition

The State Art Museum of Amsterdam plans to open the largest Johannes Vermeer exhibition in 2023.

In 1996 the Mauritshuis Royal Gallery in The Hague presented the biggest collection of paintings by Johannes Vermeer in history. Even 23 years later this event keeps being actual. The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam State Museum has announced its intention to create the largest exposition of Vermeer, collecting all his paintings that can survive the journey.

The director of the Rijksmuseum, Taco Diddits, aspires to collect over 23 works of art. This is the number of paintings in The Hague’s exhibit. But there are thoughts that it would be impossible to repeat this again because Vermeer was the iconic artist. Now it is more difficult to put his work together.

The recognition of a master in the canon of art the author got after his death. Johannes Vermeer is a Dutch artist-painter, master of household painting and genre portrait.

One of the main works that will be presented to the public is The Girl with a Pearl Earring. One of the most talented followers of Terborch.

The largest art museum in Germany recently made a fascinating discovery- a hidden image of Cupid was found in Vermeer’s painting Woman Reading a Letter, 1657-1659.

The upcoming exhibition at the Rijksmuseum is scheduled for February-June 2023.

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