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Sustainable art is the art that is in harmony with the key principles of sustainability, including ecology, social justice, non-violence, and grassroots democracy. Sustainable art can also be understood as art that is created taking into account the broader impact of a work and its perception in relation to the environment.

The relationship between sustainable art and design began many years ago and has materialized in different genres, in different environments, and at different times. A job is considered environmentally sustainable if it is made from recycled materials and the objects are found and produced in a process that does not harm the earth’s resources. These works, as well as their production methods, are intended to highlight not only the harsh reality of climate change but also environmental degradation.

Land Art

Sustainable artist

Land art is probably one of the first sustainable art to promote sustainable development. In the second half of the last century, artists began to explore the conceptual means of creating art in their own environment. Common materials such as wood, earth, sand, stone, and water were used, and the work was carried out with respect to the environment.

Known as Robert Smithson’s Spiral Wharf, the most famous example of land art. Using 5,000 tons of basalt, Smithson built a giant spiral in the Utah desert, a dark rock formed from cooled lava. It has been heavily influenced by the landscape in which it was formed and has completely intertwined with its environment. Richard Long, James Terrell, and Nancy Holt are other important artists on Earth. All of this is influenced by the growing sustainability art.

Sustainable art and design are at the center of attention for many artists and their practitioners today. As environmental awareness grows, more and more creators are thinking about the broader impact of their products. These creative people put the environment first and wonder how they can work not only with the world they live in but also with the world they live in.

Ten Artling artists and designers are actively creating works that contribute to sustainable painting, from using found objects to re-contextualizing recycled materials and using scrap metal otherwise thrown away.

TOP 7 Sustainable Artists

Contemporary sustainable artists include artists who use non-toxic, sustainable materials in their artistic practice, and also integrate conceptual ideas of sustainability into their work.

sustainable art

Choi Jung Hwa

Choi Jong Hwa is an artist known for using recycled materials to create small sculptures for large installations from materials such as old posters and commercial plastic packaging. His work by one of the leading Korean pop singers encourages viewers to think about mass consumption and production.

Choi has been studying the relationship between humans and nature since 1990. In an interview with Artling, he said: “What people do is created by nature. Since plastic is a synthetic compound of rubber and oil, it can also be considered a “second property”. “It not only creates sustainable products from non-biodegradable recycled materials but also challenges the materials and how they were thrown naturally into the sustainability arts.

Cui Fei

sustainability arts

Cui Fei, a Chinese artist from the United States, has successfully received a scholarship from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, and her work can be seen at the Princeton University Art Museum. Her practice is incredibly connected to nature itself, and she loves the materials she collects, such as vines, twigs, and sideburns. She is heavily influenced by Chinese traditions and uses these materials to create manuscripts that highlight the links between cultural differences. Between culture and nature, and between nature and people. These manuscripts were also created to symbolize the message of the silence of nature waiting to be discovered and heard

Pannaphan Yodmanee

sustainability art projects

Pannaphan Yodmanee combines a variety of materials, from found objects to organic elements, to create pieces that are reminiscent of art and sustainability, and architecture. Stones, minerals, and concrete debris are stacked on top of each other and reconstructed into beautiful abstract shapes. These works are aimed at studying issues related to Buddhist philosophy and cosmology. A natural phenomenon of time, loss, devastation, and death. And the karmic connection with birth and rebirth makes viewers think about the ebb and flow of life.

Life Wood Works

sustainability art

Life Wood Works is a Japanese furniture brand founded by Takahiro Hirano that uses cedar waste to create its items. His Gorotans series uses wood that remains at the base of a tree after most of it has been felled. This piece of wood is rarely used commercially as it is not only irregular, but also dense, which makes it difficult to turn into products. If not removed, the remains of these trees will accumulate and cause serious damage to nearby rivers and dams. In saving this forest, Hirano tried to “transform it into miracles and improve the forest and the lives of the people.” While cedar is generally not suitable for furniture due to its soft nature, Hirano found a way to ensure its durability throughout the furniture-making process while maintaining an element of simple beauty.

Chris Maynard

art and sustainability

Chris Maynard has been loving feathers since he was 12. A member of Artists for Conservation, Maynard combines biology and ecology in his environmental art design with a pen, using tools such as small surgical scissors, forceps, and loupes inherited from his family. Feathers that are ethically used come from private enclosures and zoos and are naturally lost or thrown away in their art.

Protection is at the heart of Maynard’s practice. He believes that although the feather ended his life with the bird, he has a lot to offer. In his art, he glorifies nature through the unique properties of each feather and uses this medium as a universal symbol of flight, transformation, success, and hope.

Ryosuke Harashima

sustainable artists

Ryosuke Harashima reimagines the relationship between old and new by cleverly using traditional Japanese objects like handmade bamboo baskets and transforming them into modern furniture. He would like to stick to old Japanese musical instruments and antiques and bring that spirit into his work.

Through his practice, Hiroshima was inspired by the Japanese spiritual concept of “the god of tsukumo.” We believe that each instrument carries with it a spirit of development and aging over time, as well as an active ability to captivate and inspire creativity. Harashima is especially fond of works that make us think about the importance of sustainable artwork and consumption in modern society.

Norihiko Terayama

sustainable painting

Norihiko Terayama graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven and opened his studio using natural objects as a motive. In the Polygonal Peel series, floating Terayama wood becomes a beautiful decorative item. By highlighting the organic shape of recycled wood and creating artificial polygons or shells around it using pins and wire. Terayama also found beauty in the latest floating tree species, highlighting their organic beauty through this outer layer and inviting the viewer to admire sustainability art projects.

Now, thanks to our article, you’ve learned all about Sustainable Artwork and its artists.

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