Teddy Boy Is the Winner of the Marmomac Icon Award Which Took Place This Year

Winner of the Marmomac Icon Award

Teddy Boy was chosen by the popular jury as the winner of this year’s Marmomac Icon Award. The event which has been held for five years offers the prize to be a part of the promotional campaign. And this year, among the jury were not only experts but also enthusiasts, such as operators and visitors.

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Teddy Boy was showcased during the exhibition Brand&Stone 3.0 whose curator was Giorgio Canale. A provocative work describes the object emotionally, turning it into a one-meter-high sculpture made of marble. The traditional toy combines the toy’s features with human characteristics.

Teddy Boy Marmomac Icon Award 2021

Traditionally, the works of art participating in the contest were presented in The Italian Stone Theatre. Among the projects designed by product and technology companies were internationally famous architects, designers, and artists. All of them used natural stone material approach for the exhibition designs which quantity numbered 40 items this year.

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