The Latest Study Showed That a Neural Network Can Define Your Artistic Preferences

neural network

A recent study showed that it is now possible to define a person’s preferences in art with the help of a neural network. The carried study also divided the artistic preferences of the majority of participants into just three categories:

  • those who choose realistic or scenery paintings, including impressionist work;
  • those who prefer abstract artworks;
  • those who prefer more dynamic images.

This discovery will help researchers and their algorithms to understand and analyze the way of abstract human thinking. Firstly, the team collected data from various people about how they felt about different works of art. The volunteers were shown illustrations and were asked to rate them on a three-point scale.

By analyzing the data received, the neural network was able to precisely predict whether the participant wants a new, previously invisible picture. However, there are still many other human thoughts concerning artistic preferences that their neural network cannot yet understand. Not to mention, the works of art that were used in this study rather cover all known masterpieces in the world.

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