Trolley Hunters, Painted by the Street Artist Banksy Will Be Auctioned in 2 Weeks

Street Artist Banksy's work Will Be Auctioned in 2 Weeks

Another painting by Banksy will be auctioned. The work of a street artist is estimated at 7 million dollars. The drawing was painted 16 years ago by a British artist and is called Trolley hunters. On it, the natives aim their spears at the carts from the supermarket. And, according to experts, this is a criticism of modern consumerism. The auction will take place in New York in two weeks.

Banksy is the artist’s pseudonym. The real name of the author is unknown, but his paintings on acute social themes have repeatedly outraged the artistic world.

Previously, two rare works by an anonymous artist were sold at auction in Bristol for a record amount. The auction was organized by the Vanguard collective of artists and street art specialists. The paintings were put up for auction by a member of the British group Massive Attack Grant Marshall.

Banksy painting Trolley Hunters

The central lots were Banksy’s paintings I Fought The Law and Bomb Middle England. They were sold for record amounts: the first for 78.1 thousand pounds, and the second for 77 thousand pounds.

A total of 70 items were put up for auction, including works by artists Inkie, Mr Jago, Benjamin Ibebe, and others. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to charity.

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