Apple Presented Its Education Program for Students from Underrepresented Communitie


Apple has recently announced a creating an educational program, aimed at art education. Today at Apple Creative Studios is aiming at students from underrepresented communities, and it will first arrive in Los Angeles and Beijing and then in other cities. This global initiative will feature skills training and access to the full line of Apple products to the students who can’t afford it.

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Other Creative Studios places, that are going to open later this year, will cooperate with nonprofit communities and organizations to unite teens with coaches and artists. The participants of the Today at Apple Creative Studio program will work with a coach for a period of ten weeks. Not only they will acquire knowledge by attending the sessions, but also receive feedback on their creative projects. The main goal of such a program is to provide free education to those people who need it but can’t afford it. Those, who will take part in the program, will develop their creative skills and self-expression.

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Such areas as music, art, filming, designing, and photography will be available to young people who undergo difficulties accessing a full art education. When the course of programming will end, mentors along with Apple and other partners will hold a celebration and present the final works at the local stores.

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