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mike winkelmann

Mike Winkleman is a digital art artist. He is engaged in digital painting. The main genre of the artist is fantasy. This futuristic digital painting is unlike the work of many other science fiction writers who try to imagine what the future will look like. If many other artists depict the future as endless battles on spaceships, confrontation, or vice versa — friendly relations with alien races, the dominance of robots, and so on, then in comparison with them, the life of the future from Mike Winkelmann looks very peaceful and calm.

It seems that in his work the author treats fiction and fantastic reflections very moderately. The main thing in his work is a futuristic landscape. The artist depicts desert landscapes with outlandish buildings or cars. Looking at his paintings, it is very easy to believe in them and imagine what the future might look like in a hundred or more years. The realism of science fiction is one of the most difficult and important tasks of any person, be it a writer, director, or artist. It is not enough to simply paint the future with outlandish houses and monsters of all stripes. It is necessary to make the viewer believe in what he saw and imagine this world’s existence or even his existence in this world. Not everyone succeeds, but the one who succeeds gets fame and glory. The artist was also called Beeple-crap.

Michael Winkelmann creates very realistic and believable illustrations. Even though the strange mechanisms, designs, and spaceships look very exotic, you can still believe that you will see something similar with your own eyes soon. In addition, in his works, he does not tolerate excesses. His work is a kind of futuristic minimalism. The picture contains a minimum of things that focus the viewer’s attention on the main thing — a desert landscape, an object of technology of the future, and small figures of people.

Beeple Art

beeple everydays

Recently, we are increasingly faced with work performed for everyday tasks. 3d artists have set themselves the goal of creating something new every day and posting the results of their work on blogs, social networks, and websites.

This is mainly done to learn something new every day and pump your skills. The fact that other people are watching your progress helps you stay on track. This motivates for further development and continuation of the task.

Such contests are relatively new for us, but some foreign 3d artists have been implementing such projects for a long time. For example, Mike Winkelmann, a talented graphic designer from the USA, has been leading his BEEPLE project since 2007.

“Creating something new every day will help you not only get rid of the fear of starting new projects but also get rid of the fear that you will not be able to complete them,” explains Mike Winkelmann. On May 1, 2007, he decided to upload one full-fledged art every day as part of his daily project. Since then, he has not missed a day. Every day his gallery is replenished with new amazing works. He tries himself in various fields of art from drawing to 3D modeling. Now beeple-crap is at stage 9 — “immersion in Cinema4D”, but previously he studied drawing, photography, illustrator.

Mike Winkelmann Biography

Real name — Mike Wickelmann.

Born in 1981 and raised in the village of North-Fon-du-Lac, Wisconsin, USA. Graduated from Purdue University in 2003 with a degree in Computer Science. Participated in the creation of visual effects for concerts of famous musicians (Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj) and worked with global brands (Nike, Apple, SpaceX).

Where does this alias come from?

There is a toy from the 80s, the nose lights up when the lights are turned on or noise is heard. Beeple is the nickname of the toy itself, it stuck with me twenty years ago.

How Did Mike Come to Graphic Design?

In high school, he took drawing lessons. At first, it was drawing as a subject with very general knowledge, then Mike switched to sculpture. Then there were graphic design lessons, but then he thought it was the dumbest thing to choose. I think I thought so because in these lessons the guys were creating logos, something very simple and polished didn’t make much of an impression, the artist said.

In college, he had a friend who showed some strange and unusual art from the Internet, which Mike was then partially influenced by 5000 days.

“I have no art education, but I studied graphic design through online lessons, learned to systematically make short videos and abstract videos in different programs”, beeple crap Trump said.

How Mike described his day?“I usually get up very early, around 5 a.m. I train, mostly run, then I work on orders, if necessary, I do my personal affairs. In the evening I have dinner and play with the children, then I work for a few more hours. This evening I am working on the beeple everyday project. A very long day.”

How Did Mike Come to the Everyday Project?

beeple art

He got this idea from illustrator Tom Judd.

“Then I sketched in a notebook every day, and you could see how he progressed. He also wanted to draw better, which is a great way to learn something. You just have to make it a habit, imagine that you have no choice but to do it.”

The artist said:“When I started, I didn’t have such a feeling as “God, this is so cool, I’m ready to do this for the rest of my life!” I had no idea that I would last that long and that a 5000-day project would go so far.”

How Did Mike Create His Compositions? Did He Use Ready-Made Models?

For ten years he has been doing 3D modeling.

“When I was just learning to do this, I created every detail from scratch, but over time I began to use ready-made models.”

A whole library of assets got together, and he started to focus more on color, composition, and the idea itself.

“Perhaps someone can say that this is wrong and that you need to do everything yourself. It is necessary if this is your goal — to do everything yourself. I have a different goal, the artist said. I want to use all the tools available, and the clients appreciate it. If you forbid yourself to use something ready-made, then this greatly complicates the work, then it would not have been possible to do it 5000 days ago. Customers don’t care how you did it. If you hesitate, they will say: “Well, why didn’t you buy this on Adobe Stock, what’s the problem?”

Perhaps because of this, Mike became so famous all over the world, thanks to his aspiration and efforts.

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