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list of google doodles

Cool Google Designs

Doodle is a modified Google logo that usually reminds us of some important events (for example, Teacher’s Day in Mexico). Doodles can be displayed both regionally and all over the world (if everyone saw the picture “Valentine’s Day”, then only I saw the “King’s Day»)

There is no particular practical benefit from these google doodle designs. The first Doodle was created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page rather in order to hint to everyone in an original way that they participated in the Burning Man festival.

List of Google Doodles

Lotería Doodle Mexican Card Game was created in December 2019 and is dedicated to the Lotería Mexican card game. This game originated in Italy in the 15th century, came to Mexico only in 1769 and since then has become an important component of Mexican culture. It remains popular in our time. The game itself resembles the usual lotto. There is a field with various images, the image on the card changes at regular intervals. If the same image is on the field, the player must place the bob on the game board. The winner is the one who is the first to lay out the given pattern.

Best Google Doodle Ever: Jewish Holiday Tu Be’av

top google doodles

This holiday is celebrated in July-August, most of the traditions of its celebration have been lost. Only the ban on reading prayers of repentance on this day has survived. Tu Be’av is called the holiday of love, on this day it is customary to have fun, and you should not be sad. Google decided to release a doodle in honor of Tu Be’av. The protagonist of this arcade game is an armadillo heading towards his beloved. On the way, he collects fruits, overcomes obstacles, there are restrictions on the time of passing the level. Control is carried out from the keyboard, left and right arrows – direction of movement, space bar – jump.

Popular Google Doodles: German Garden Day

cool google designs

German Garden Day Doodle was released on June 10, 2018, and is dedicated to Garden Day, a holiday celebrated in Germany. The main focus is on garden gnomes, Germany is not their homeland, but it is in this country that small figures of gnomes have become especially popular. In the game, the authors propose to launch a garden gnome from a small catapult and cover as much distance as possible. During the flight, the player can control the gnome; when you press the space bar, he dives sharply to the ground. There are elements, interacting with which, you can extend the flight phase (mushrooms and logs on the ground). This doodle can be played many times, competing with colleagues.

Most Popular Google Doodles: The Invention of pH

google doodle designs

The invention of pH metering by the Danish biochemist Sorensen The Danish biochemist Soren Peter Lauritz Sorensen is known for developing the rules for pH metry. The term “pH” itself became widely used after the publication of Sorensen’s work. Google has released a doodle in honour of this event. The game itself is very simple and impossible to lose. The player must place 6 objects according to the acidity level (a reminder of the main achievement of the scientific activity of the biochemist). If you try to position the object incorrectly, a hint appears and the second time you can make a mistake only intentionally.

Funny Google Doodles

Star Trek Doodle 2012

The 46th anniversary of the release of Star Trek Doodle was released on September 8, 2012, the same day that the first Star Trek series hit TV screens in 1966. The series tells about the research mission of the spacecraft “Enterprise”, in the future the universe was expanded and supplemented. In the game, Google offers to get acquainted with the “Enterprise” crew and solve a couple of problems that the heroes of the series faced in the series. This is not an arcade game, but a simple quest, you just need to find an interactive element with the cursor and click on it, the characters will do the rest themselves. Google letters are stylized to resemble the characters of the series.

Coolest Doodles: 105th Birthday Anniversary of Clara Rockmore

famous google doodles

Doodle released on March 9, 2019 – the 105th anniversary of the birth of American musician and theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore. First, the art of theremin is distinguished. In this, she reached such heights that conductor Leopold Stokowski wrote a concert especially for her and the symphony orchestra. The player is offered to master the basics of working with the theremin and hear its unusual sound. It’s not difficult – you just need to repeat the trajectories displayed on the screen. It is impossible to lose here, the difficulty does not increase over time.

Famous Google Doodles: 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Alan Turing

creative google doodles

This doodle was released on June 23, 2012, on the 100th birthday of Alan Turing. Alan is an outstanding mathematician, cryptographer, and logician, in many respects, it was his work that laid the foundations for the development of computer science. It was Alan who created the first machine that can be considered the progenitor of the modern PC. During the war, he showed outstanding abilities in the field of deciphering enemy messages. The game offers to show your logical abilities and correct the cipher so that it matches the desired one. The screen shows the code, the sequence of automatically performed steps, 2 digits are corrected.

Famous Google Doodles: 245 years since the baptism of Beethoven

best google doodle ever

This small game is dedicated to the 245th anniversary of the baptism of the musical genius. The exact date of birth of Beethoven remains unknown, so Google chose the day of baptism – December 17, the doodle was released in 2015. It emphasizes that Beethoven began to lose his hearing, which affected his musical career. The game offers to help Beethoven restore the lost works. Scraps of music sheets are given, the player must arrange them in the correct order. As a reward, he will hear an excerpt from one of the famous works.

Creative Google Doodles

Eiji Tsuburai’s 114th Birthday Doodle was created in honor of the famous Japanese special effects director. Eiji Tsuburaya was responsible for creating special effects for films such as Godzilla, the Ultra-man series. For cinematography, this is an iconic figure, so on July 7, 2015, instead of the usual Google logo, users saw a mini-game. The game offers to try on the role of the creator of special effects. The player must solve various problems – create a model of a building, destroy houses, work with lighting, an actor’s costume. Each one takes about 5 seconds to complete, the game as a whole takes no more than a minute. Only the mouse is involved in the control. Valentine’s Day 2014 This Valentine’s Day doodle was released on February 14, 2014. On this day, lovers all over the world make each other pleasant, give gifts. Events of this magnitude are usually not overlooked by Google.

Top Google Doodles: 10 years since the release of the series “Doctor Who”

popular google doodles

The release of this game, Google corporation timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the release of the series “Doctor Who”. The series is based on the adventures of the alien character Doctor, who is able to travel in time. This also affected the design of the doodle. The game can be classified as a puzzle genre. The character (Doctor) is controlled by the mouse, you need to get to the finish point, bypassing enemies, a collision with which means a loss. There are also interactive elements on the levels, so the route will have to be carefully planned. It is impossible to call a difficult game, it is played rather quickly.

The Best Google Doodles: 66th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident

most popular google doodles

The Doodle plays up an incident that took place in the summer of 1947 in the Roswell region of America. There are many versions that then a UFO crashed over the territory of the United States. The active development of myths around this event began in the 1970s, largely due to the fact that there were no clear explanations for this event. The game was released on July 8, 2013. The player must help the wrecked alien to restore his aircraft and continue the journey. In terms of structure, this is a classic quest – we select objects, interact with the environment, in some places the game looks scary.

Most Popular Google Doodles: Chinese New Year 2013

funny google doodles

In China and East Asia, this is the longest holiday, the second name of the name is Lunar New Year. As for the game, the Google corporation on this day released an ordinary snake with Chinese motives. Everything is the same as in the classic game – control is carried out by arrows, various objects fall onto the playing field (including dangerous ones – dynamite), they must be collected before they disappear. To emphasize that the doodle is dedicated to China, hieroglyphs are periodically dropped. There is no goal in the game – you just need to collect as many items as possible in a minute.

Doodle in honor of the 2012 Olympics Google has released a whole series of doodles dedicated to the 2012 Olympics, there are options with rowing, football, running with hurdles. This game is all about basketball and was posted on August 8, 2012. In a doodle, you need to demonstrate your accuracy and get into the ring as many times as possible in a limited time. The control is performed with one button – when you first press the space bar, the basketball player accumulates strength, the ball in his hands changes color, when you think you can throw, press the space bar again.

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