Daniel Arsham Presented a New Furniture Collection Based on Plasticine Figurines

Daniel Arsham sculptures

Daniel Arsham is famous for his sculptures and art objects. The designer has recently presented Objects for Living: Collection II of handcrafted furniture in wood, resin, and stone. The first part of the new collection was shown during the Design Miami exhibition in combination with the New York design gallery Friedman Benda in 2019.

show room

The artist, renowned for his postmodern reinterpretation of classic codes, became interested in design when he took up the design of his own Long Island home, designed by American architect Norman Jaffe. It was Jaffe’s style that inspired Daniel Arsham to create furniture of complex shapes.

plasticine figures

Now Arsham took as a basis for the new collection the plasticine figures that he sculpted during the quarantine with his family. It was a spontaneous decision to turn them into full-fledged objects. Having scanned the crafts in 3D, Daniel Arsham got the shapes for future items.

Daniel Arsham furniture

The result is a collection of ten objects, which includes lamps, a sofa, a dining table, a chair, and even a bed. The bed has the most unusual design: asymmetrical, with a headboard, which consists of individual bizarre shapes, complemented by inconspicuous drawers. Arsham’s collection can be seen at the artist’s solo exhibition at the Friedman Benda Gallery in New York until September 25.

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